I strive to be an intrapreneur no matter where I am. Ultimately, I would like to become an entrepreneur and a disruptor before making a mark on the world with my own social and/or digital enterprise to help the people with the triple bottom line.

Always forward-thinking and curious, looking through challenges as a way to integrate into today’s moving world. I enjoy collaborating in very diverse teams to execute new bold initiatives while adapting to new changes and setting the framework for success. Driven by research, data, and most importantly, people, I can help build the next big thing.

After pursuing a bachelor of science degree in business administration and management with a triple concentration in finance, management information systems, and strategy & innovation, I became a Workday Financials Technology Consultant at Accenture’s NYC office specializing in Suppliers, Procurement, Business Assets, and Banking & Settlement. I plan on furthering my career in technology, consulting, data analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence while pursuing entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, innovation, and collaborative idea cultivation. My goal is to start my career in a global and dynamic company for technology, data analytics, strategy and innovation in hopes to ignite innovation from within.

Outside of my career in technology consulting, I have a YouTube channel that focuses on technology consulting, careers, money, and content for young working professionals. To supplement that, I founded the Technology Consulting Community, a Facebook group of 1300+ members representing 70+ countries with career resources and events. I also have a podcast highlighting young women and tech professionals on their journeys and careers! On the side, we also like to talk about issues, problems, and observations we see from our generation as well!

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/ChristineWong

Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/techconsulting

Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/1jEdnePo3D3tRfUNHEEMGE?si=winAkSwVRES1uLEX17MfGw

Instagram: https://instagram.com/christine.innovates

Specialties: technology, corporate strategy, data analytics, business operations optimization, consulting, project management, event management, retail operations, communication, research, writing.

Interests: technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, technology consulting, traveling, photography, food, content creation.

I can be contacted at:
Website – christineywong.me
Business and Professional Email – christinewong.business@gmail.com
Phone – 1 (516)-448-8423