Kalpashree Gupta: CEO, Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivor, & Product Manager | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Kalpa is the Founder and CEO of Knekxt Group, LLC a consulting firm with a mission to create an equitable world. Today she speaks about being a sexual abuse survivor and how that led to her mission and activism in bringing others like her together. She is a product management leader with a track record of building trust and consistently delivering innovative experiences while leading diverse and inclusive teams. She has 15 years of experience in diverse domains of product, marketing, analytics and fraud risk management for new customer acquisition and deepening existing customer relationships for B2C and B2B businesses. She currently serves as Principal Advisor to Liminal, a boutique strategy advisory firm serving digital identity, fintech, and cybersecurity clients, and the private equity and venture capital community. Prior to her entrepreneurial pursuits, she worked at companies such as Early Warning Services/Zelle, American Express, General Electric and Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Work Day In the Life as a Google Solutions Architect in NYC | #redmondonamazon #blender #smoothies

I’ve finally ramped up and working full speed towards the holidays with my clients. Being an advertising solutions architect in shopping at Google, I work with retail clients preparing for the holiday season on their shopping feeds and feature activation. I also went into the office (the 9th ave NYC office) and brought Addison, Derek, and Christy over as well to also celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival at Google! Check out this vlog and see what I’ve been up to!

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I tried out Amazon Style in Los Angeles! | How it works, My Thoughts & Opinions

I saw Hopescope’s video on Amazon Style in LA, and I had to check it out myself when we were in Glendale! It was a cool experience, and I would love to go again (and maybe buy something), when I’m in town again! Wanted to share my experience on this as a separate mini vlog that branched out from my Google ReOrientation Mountain View and LA vlog!

WEEK IN MY LIFE as a Google Employee: TREK WEEK at the Google Mountain View Office Campus!

This was the inaugural program for Google’s gTech gPS Consulting Bootcamp: Trek Week! Nooglers from all over the world aligned to gTech gPS came to Mountain View Campus in July of 2022 for a consulting bootcamp, opportunities to meet other Nooglers, and learn more about the organization! We learned so much, had so much fun, and explored the campus and the gBikes (my fave part)! Check out this vlog where I started off at the Google San Francisco campus and then headed over to Google Mountain View campus for Trek Week!

MOBILO: Most powerful NFC Smart Business Card for Teams? (50% OFF)

Mobilo reached out to me because of my reviews on NFC business smart cards, and to be honest, I had no clue what it was until recently, but you can clearly tell it’s perfect for businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate, or even solopreneurs! Definitely check it out!

Get Mobilo Smart Business Card ➡️ https://bit.ly/3QxAxM3

Danae Shell: Valla Startup Founder & Disruptor of the Legal Industry | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Danae is disrupting the UK legal industry with technology that makes legal resources and services more accessible to everyone and giving the power back to employees to recognize workplace harassment and abuse. I sit down with Danae to talk to her about her journey doing this as well as her outlook on the future of employment!

Amy Edelstein: Non-Profit Leader, Educator, and Author | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Amy Edelstein is a nonprofit leader, author, and educator. Her mission is to hare powerful ideas that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. The focus of my work illustrates the insight that comes from viewing all our experience in a vast context, as we learn to weave together the evolutionary history of the cosmos, the developmental shifts in global culture, and the subtleties of contemplative insight. Her programs support individuals and groups to discover deeper fulfillment, joy, and purposefulness in life. She comes to us after writing six books including the IPPY award-winning, educational bestseller The Conscious Classroom and Ben Franklin Award winner, bestselling memoir Adventure in Zanskar, and we discuss about her journey within and writing Adventure in Zanskar in this podcast episode!

How to Prepare for Consulting Recruitment Season | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Consulting recruitment season for college starts around September, so this is the best time to start preparing and getting a game plan ready! I walk through with Jessica how she and others can prepare for the upcoming recruitment season and how to stand out and network!

SEATTLE VLOG (pt.4): Bainbridge Island, Bruciato, Space Needle, Sushi Kashiba, Airbnb and Cat Drama

This is my second time in Seattle, but Addison’s first, so we went to the highlights of where I went last time and all of the places on my bucketlist! This was right after our Vancouver trip, so definitely check those vlogs out! We checked out Starbucks Reserve, Bainbridge Island, Bruciato, Space Needle, Waterfront Trail, Wasabi Sushi and Izakaya, Dough Zone, shopping, Sushi Kashiba, Top Pot Doughnuts, Din Tai Fung and Centurion Lounge in this vlog! We also had a little scare with our cats back at home that were so smart and jumped up to open the office door that they weren’t supposed to be into…

Aparna Srinivasan: SpotOn.Pet Founder, Tech Entrepreneur, Dog and Pig Owner | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

As a cat owner, cat sitter, woman in tech, and entrepreneur, I have a deep appreciation for Aparna and SpotOn for the value and solution it provides for me as someone who always has a need to transport cats! I sit down with Aparna (and her pet pig!) for this episode. SpotOn.Pet is a ride-hailing transportation app for pets and pet-parents. The app connects you with trusted drivers that will take your pet anywhere, with or without you being present. From airports, to parks, & even vet visits, you can only phone a friend so many times or pay hundreds for a car service, to carry your pet safely to where they need to go. I go through Aparna’s experience as CEO and founder of SpotOn.Pet as well as the future of SpotOn.Pet!

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