My Goals for 2022: BIG CHANGES to Career, YouTube, and Technology Consulting Community Coming!

I’ve been keeping these under the wrap, but I’m doing big moves in 2022 regarding my career, YouTube channel, and the Technology Consulting Community! This is just to announce the big moves I’m making, but more details to come in future videos and vlogs, so subscribe to follow along!

WHAT’S ON MY PHONE 2022: Productivity without Distractions as a Tech Consultant & Content Creator

I’ve always wanted to do a “What’s On My Phone” because sometimes simple is better! I strategically organize my phone in a way that that I can boost productivity while removing distractions from social media! Are you trying to get more done in less time in 2022? This could be a start!

WHO KNOWS ME BETTER: Boyfriend vs Best Friends Trivia Game!

I sat down with my two best friends ( and Sally Chen) and with my boyfriend (Addison Chen)! Michelle has been friends with me since high school (over 11 years now), Sally has been friends with me since college (over 8 years), and Addison an I have been together for over 4 years. Each come with a different perspective on our relationships with each other as people grow and develop, and while I wanted to do this in person, Addison and I did get COVID19 during the December 2021 holiday break, so we had to do this virtually instead!

Who knows me better? Watch to find out!

Which NFC Smart Business Card is best for you? (Ovou vs. Dot vs. Linq vs. Taptok vs. Covve)

When I first heard about NFC smart business cards, I started seeing Instagram ads all over the place about Ovou, Dot, Linq, Taptok, and Covve. Thankfully, many of them have agreed to send over their cards to me or I purchased them to try it out myself and see what I thought for myself! I reviewed them with four criteria which is on 1. the physical item itself, 2. the user interface of the profile when you tap them with an NFC enabled device, 3. the user experience of working with the profile and the onboarding process, and 4. value for your money. I also tell you who each card is for and if you should buy it!

Details on the giveaway of the Dot.classic!

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  3. Comment on this video what you’re looking forward to in 2022 and what you’re using the Dot for
  4. Follow me on Instagram (@Christine.Innovates) where I’ll be announcing the winner!

Giveaway ends on January 31, 2022 11:59 PM EST!
Valid only for residents in the United States.
Winner will be directly messaged through Instagram on February 1, 2022 by 6 PM EST. The winner will have 48 hours to claim it before I move onto the next winner!

Becky Postar: Breaking into the Financial Services and Cannabis Industry | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

This is admittedly an area I know nothing of (truly), yet I’m so curious about it, so I was excited to interview Becky Postar! Becky is a veteran banking officer of 20 years who has extensive experience in business development, lending, and compliance training for multiple banks. She has deep domain expertise in BSA, AML, KYC and the evolving cannabis regulations. She is now the COO of HDCS. HDCS, Inc. provides a comprehensive solution for safely banking higher-risk industries such as the cannabis industry.

All You Need to Know about as a Sitter | Review, Pros & Cons, & Tips (CAT SITTER)

I have been doing for about two months now, and here is my full account on all you need to know about starting on as a cat or dog sitter! This is a full review, some pros & cons, and some tips for you to be successful as well as how to get started!

My Rover Profile:

I TRIED SEATED FOR A DAY (and how it works): Dining In & Ordering Delivery in NYC… I made $30!

I’ve tried the dining and restaurant rewards app Seated for about 4 months now, and I can’t believe I haven’t been on it earlier! I can get money back from eating at restaurants or by ordering food for pickup or delivery, so I wanted to show everyone the process so you can learn how it works too. Especially when in New York City, there’s so many options near me, why wouldn’t I take advantage of it? This is not a sponsored video, but I wish it was because it’s such a cool app!

I try Seated for a whole day to show you the process when it comes to exploring and finding places to eat, the booking or ordering process, the receipt validation process, and even redeeming for rewards. It is all so easy, and you can do this too!

Use my referral link so you can get $50, and I will get $50 after your first meal! It’s a win-win! Get your $50 now:

Tailoring Resumes for Technology Consulting + Cover Letter BONUS | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Today, we’ll be helping Shirley tailor her resume for technology consulting! Most people with experience and skills either in tech, business, or consulting just need to tailor their resume to spruce it up truly tailor it to the the role or the career itself! You may have the experience without knowing it and that’s what we discuss in this video! Shirley also did have questions on cover letters too, so that’s two birds in one!

Also happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate today!

Claudia Miller: Negotiating Your Salary in Tech and Consulting | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Salary negotiations are not talked about enough in society and we need to close that gap for women in tech and consulting! Claudia Miller, MPH owner of Claudia T. Miller, LLC: Career coaching, is a bilingual (Eng/Spa) Career Coach & Host of her own Podcast ‘Roadmap To The Executive Suite’. She helps serious professionals secure dream jobs, with dream salaries, at their dream companies including fast- growing startups, rockstar midsize companies, and Fortune 500 and Tech Giants. She also helps her clients negotiate salary increases of up to $50,000. Business Insider names her one of the “”Top 23 Most Innovative Career Coaches of 2020″”.


I worked with Ivan on a job application strategy to enter into technology consulting! Sometimes pivoting in isn’t that hard if you think about the important and relevant skills needed and pull it from everywhere, not just your work experience! We also spoke about how to stand out by networking (and some juicy tips using Linkedin), as well as the interview process and how to prepare! I’ve covered in previous episodes about case interviews and my YouTube channel also has a lot of resources on that! Check out PrepLounge as well!