Working from Home with your Partner | WORK AND RELATIONSHIP TIPS

For over two years, my boyfriend Addison and I worked together from home at the same company and in the same location. Then the pandemic hit and we had no choice but to work from home 24/7 when before we had the option to go to the office or travel onsite for client meetings! How did we do it? Here are all of our tips we learned from living and working together when and after we were working in the same company!

ONE YEAR LATER of Home Ownership Reflection: Our Thoughts, Pros, Cons

My boyfriend Addison and I bought our condo 1.5 years ago! We are now reflecting on how our home ownership experience has been, the pros, the cons, and tips we want to give you! This is based off of our experience buying our 2 bedroom 2 bath condo in Brooklyn in November 2020!

Productive Work Day In My Life as a Google Solutions Architect | WFH NOOGLER EXPERIENCE #MagicMind

I’m four weeks into my Noogler experience, and I’m going through a lot of onboarding activities and trainings such as shadowing opportunities and 1-on-1s with teammates! Especially on a Monday, you really need to get something going to be productive, so I’m happy to announce that Magic Mind is sponsoring this video, and I love it! Really gets me going in the day (cats permitting)!

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Sidharth Chopra: Becoming a US Consultant as an International Student | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

I met Sid back in college at Boston University when recruiting for the Personal Finance Club, and we both were on our journeys towards consulting! He is now a consultant at Deloitte based in New York City, and it wasn’t without hardship as he did it as an international student when many companies and firms have been restricting recruitment of international students due to the risk of the sponsorship lottery! We talk about his experience as an international student, going through the recruitment process at Deloitte, and his current consulting experience now as well as a big tip he shared to us for international students bypassing the H1B lottery!

Work Day In The Office at Google VLOG: The Noogler Experience | Back To the Office! #Dossier

Four weeks in, I am still enjoying my Noogler Experience as a Shopping Advertising Solutions Architect in the Google New York Hudson 315 office! This is a day in my life in the office when I’m still a Noogler getting the hang of the ropes of the role, doing tons of training and readings, learning on the job through shadowing opportunities and assignments, and doing one-on-ones to meet everyone on the team (over 20 across North America)! Oh yeah, and the free delicious food!

YouTube Live! Ask me anything!

I posted this on my Instagram stories and YouTube Community tab, but I’m doing a YouTube Live on Thursday, April 28 at 7 PM EDT!

Ask me any questions here in the comments for me to answer live or tune in and ask me live!

You can ask me anything about tech, careers, consulting, technology consulting, Accenture, Google or myself!

If technology consulting or consulting in general speaks to you, make sure to follow me and also check out my YouTube channel that focuses on technology consulting, consulting, careers, professional & personal development, and money for the young working professional!

Everything About My Accenture Experience as a Technology Consultant

I always get asked if I liked Accenture, what did I do, how was my experience, all those questions, but I never really answered it in a video because it’s always an evolving answer, but now that I left, I give a very detailed and thorough answer! Many people ask me for a coffee chat to talk about my experience at Accenture, so here it is all in one video! Please note that this is just my experience, and I highly recommend you that network around with people at Accenture for the particular office, business unit and even role to really learn how your experience could be like or learn from many different people if you want to get a sense of Accenture as a whole!

My Biggest Issue with Technology Consulting: A Big Reason Why I Left Accenture

The nature of project-based work is unpredictable and sometimes out of your control based off of the many factors that put you in a powerless position. This video will go over my biggest issue with technology consulting and something you should be aware of as well as this can happen to anyone in any consulting firm or field.

I waited for a few months to film this video because I was angry, frustrated, and upset. You may even still hear some anger and frustration in this video because sometimes you’re put in a powerless position, but sometimes you need to take your career in your own hands.

Have you experienced this? What would you do in this situation if this were you?

TRAVEL VLOG: Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta | Broadway, Hot Chicken, Ruby Falls, & Lookout Mountain

After my last week at Accenture, Addison and I went on a trip to Nashville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta for fun! We explored Downtown Nashville, Vanderbilt University, and Broadway (and eating hot chicken at Hattie B’s!), then we went to Chattanooga for Ruby Falls, Incline Railway, Lookout Mountain, and Point Park! We then went to Atlanta and then headed back home!

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