MOBILO: Most powerful NFC Smart Business Card for Teams? (50% OFF)

Mobilo reached out to me because of my reviews on NFC business smart cards, and to be honest, I had no clue what it was until recently, but you can clearly tell it’s perfect for businesses, entrepreneurs, corporate, or even solopreneurs! Definitely check it out!

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Covve Collaboration!

I used to be so so excited to get my own business cards when I was a kid, and when I joined Accenture, I was actually able to order my own! But now I have so many more than just that like my YouTube channel, Instagram, podcast, and Technology Consulting Community on top of Accenture, it’s now an outdated waste of paper.

Covve provides an alternative with NFC business cards! A simple tap on your smartphone and all of my information opens and enables you from saving my contact information directly with just a tap! Check out Covve!

P.S. This is also way more environmentally friendly! This is 2021. It’s a baseline requirement now.