This person got his McKinsey offer after he did a mock case interview with me! Practice really makes perfect and a lot have told me that mock interviews with me helped them become more confident and ultimately land the job!

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This is a success story of how a practice case interview through my free career coaching program actually helped someone land the job!

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Tailoring Resumes for Technology Consulting + Cover Letter BONUS | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Today, we’ll be helping Shirley tailor her resume for technology consulting! Most people with experience and skills either in tech, business, or consulting just need to tailor their resume to spruce it up truly tailor it to the the role or the career itself! You may have the experience without knowing it and that’s what we discuss in this video! Shirley also did have questions on cover letters too, so that’s two birds in one!

Also happy thanksgiving to those who celebrate today!


I worked with Ivan on a job application strategy to enter into technology consulting! Sometimes pivoting in isn’t that hard if you think about the important and relevant skills needed and pull it from everywhere, not just your work experience! We also spoke about how to stand out by networking (and some juicy tips using Linkedin), as well as the interview process and how to prepare! I’ve covered in previous episodes about case interviews and my YouTube channel also has a lot of resources on that! Check out PrepLounge as well!

PrepLounge Mock Consulting Case Interview: McKinsey Digital | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

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I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with , a leading case interview prep library, community, and service! They have so many cases for you to practice with AND professional case interview coaches with the experience and background to help you excel! I was able to use a premium case, the Yodaphone case, for this episode, and I hope this helped provide a lot of value to you! The case I chose is a case McKinsey Digital or BCG Platinion might have. Thank you, Jen, for doing this mock case interview with me! This was her very first case interview ever!

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Consulting College Recruitment Season is Here! What should you do? |CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

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Most consulting firms do follow a “recruitment season” to hire entry level, specifically from schools like college, university, or graduate programs. So many people ask me what they should prepare or how should they even get started, so here’s all of my advice jam packed into one video so you can get that job offer!

Another Testimony!

Yet another success story! My very first coaching client back when I started in January actually had great response and got called for interviews and eventually landed an internship the past summer!

A few updates on my content while I’m here:
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🌟I am also reducing my podcast episode schedule to every other week. This is also to improve the quality of the podcast recording as well!
🌟I am going full throttle on career coaching with the upcoming recruitment season as well as focusing on building up Technology Consulting Community!

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How to get that RETURN OFFER from your Internship | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Deniz reached out to me as a sophomore in college doing a consulting internship. This is also her first internship as well, so she didn’t know what she needed to do to navigate the waters! She hopes to get that return offer for her junior year summer, so we sat down to talk about all the tips and answer her questions!

Mock Technology Consulting Case Interview: Tech Transformation | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Listen to the full episode: https://linktr.ee/christinepodcast

Follow Along! Did you know case interviews are usually different for technology consulting case interviews? In today’s video, we go through a real mock interview with Diego so you can join along and learn as well!

Mock Technology Consulting Case Interview: Tech Transformation | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Follow Along! Did you know case interviews are usually different for technology consulting case interviews? In today’s video, we go through a real mock interview with Diego so you can join along and learn as well!