My true authentic self

Let me tell you a secret! I actually hate taking photos of myself which is why I keep using old photos, but I know I really should try to show more of myself here to let people know who I am! The irony when I take photos of myself for YouTube thumbnails. 😹

But let’s be real, I don’t actually look like this on a normal day because I only wear makeup for my YouTube videos! This is actually a rare moment I even wore makeup going outside! I mostly wear makeup if I’m filming and I happened to wear makeup this particular day because I was filming a weekend in my life. 😂

But I have to say my brows have always been lacking and I was born with super sparse brows and I also included a photo with absolutely no makeup. I’ve had micropigmentation done 3 years ago, so my brows are really catfishing you. 😂😂😂

Do you show your true self? Do you wear makeup? Honestly, while I’m all about natural beauty (let’s be real, it’s because I’m lazy and suck at makeup), I also believe in creative and personal expression, so if you love a full face of makeup, go for it! The most I do is really my brows before I did micropigmentation, but what are you insecure about? Do you embrace it or do you fight it?

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My Consulting Interview Process

Consulting recruiting season is here! Around this time four years ago was when I had my first round of interviews! Here was my process when pursuing the TDP at Accenture!

I do want to note that a lot can happen in four years. We even had the covid-19 pandemic! This will greatly change how firms approach the recruiting process to adapt and improve!

How was your process? What are you most scared of within the process? Let me know down below in the comments!

I also did make a video recently on how to prepare and succeed in the consulting recruitment process, so make sure to check for that on my YouTube channel!

Follow me on Instagram at @christine.innovates for more! I go over technology consulting, technology, consulting, careers, and also my own personal stories and narratives as a young working professional!

I’m training for a triathlon!

I like hiking, but to be honest, I’m a bit of a crybaby when it comes to potentially tripping, slipping, or to put it simply, DYING. 😹

Meanwhile things like cliff diving, skydiving, and jetskiing don’t phase me.

I had a car accident during my sophomore year spring break that permanently damaged my ankle. I fractured it, and it was so bad, they suggested surgery. I ended up opting out of it due to long term complications and healed it naturally through a cast and boot for 3-4 months. All while dealing with Boston’s long stretch of a campus let alone not being able to wash my foot so you can already imagine the smells! 🤢

I always have been a strong swimmer and biker/cyclist, but I always hated running or anything that puts in a lot of pressure and impact on my ankle and even my joints like my knees. Hiking is included!

But now I’m facing my fears and seeing a personal trainer so I can finally train for a triathlon! Even if I walk it, I’m completely fine with that, but this is the first step!

Follow me on Instagram at @christine.innovates for more! I go over technology consulting, technology, consulting, careers, and also my own personal stories and narratives as a young working professional!

Consulting College Recruitment Season is Here! What should you do? |CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Listen to the full episode here:

Most consulting firms do follow a “recruitment season” to hire entry level, specifically from schools like college, university, or graduate programs. So many people ask me what they should prepare or how should they even get started, so here’s all of my advice jam packed into one video so you can get that job offer!

How Not to Give a F*ck: Achieve More by Caring Less!

Something I pride in a lot about myself that really helped me achieve as much as I was able to at this point is simply how I don’t give a f*ck. Because of that, I can recover very fast and start taking action to improve, reinvent, or pivot. I don’t exactly have a method per se, but I broke down what goes on in my head into 5 digestible steps and hopefully this can help you as well! I think a lot of times, we are so self-critical about ourselves or we care too much, but sometimes we spend so much time thinking we don’t act!


Listen to full podcast episode:

In a prior video of mine, I spoke about how I manage my time, and I use goals as a huge driver on how I prioritize my time and how to even approach my plans. Here, I’m with Derek and we’re talking about how we set goals for ourselves whether it be personal or professional goals! We talk about how it’s important to set goals, SMART goals, having a support system, building habits and systems, and what our current goals are now!

Reflection on our 4 Years together | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

Listen to full podcast episode:

Addison Chen and I have been together for four years ever since that fateful first date on July 20, 2017! We went to celebrate our four year anniversary in Chicago this year! We also recorded a podcast episode reflecting, for both on our own accounts and moving forward! We’ve gone through a lot like living together, having cats together, and buying a condo together!

Pivoting into Technology Consulting as an Experienced Hire | HOW TO BECOME A TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT

I get asked this question a lot and while a lot are from students, I do get asked this question a lot by people already out in the industry on how they can get started. This is the video for you!

For those who don’t know, experienced hire is mostly used for anyone who has had work experience outside of undergraduate or graduate studies. Someone who has one year of experience after college and someone who has 30 years of experience are both considered experienced hires. Both have their own advantages and challenges! If you are still stuck, comment down below on your situation and I can help you out or join me on my free coaching program here on the YouTube channel or DM me for 1-on-1 private coaching!

How to get that RETURN OFFER from your Internship | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Full episode here:

Deniz reached out to me as a sophomore in college doing a consulting internship. This is also her first internship as well, so she didn’t know what she needed to do to navigate the waters! She hopes to get that return offer for her junior year summer, so we sat down to talk about all the tips and answer her questions!

Providence & Newport Trip: Seafood, Newport Mansions, Working in Boston | Summer Travel Vlog

I met up with some alumni friends of mine from the Phi Chi Theta Zeta chapter and we went to Providence and Newport! After apart for more than a year, it was great to see familiar faces!

Since airbnbs and hotels were expensive in Newport, we stayed in Providence instead and did a day trip to Newport. We checked out Providence, biked in Providence, went to Newport, explored the Newport mansions, had brunch, and went shopping! Seafood is a must-eat in New England area like lobster rolls and clam chowder!