Productive Work Day In My Life as a Google Solutions Architect | WFH NOOGLER EXPERIENCE #MagicMind

I’m four weeks into my Noogler experience, and I’m going through a lot of onboarding activities and trainings such as shadowing opportunities and 1-on-1s with teammates! Especially on a Monday, you really need to get something going to be productive, so I’m happy to announce that Magic Mind is sponsoring this video, and I love it! Really gets me going in the day (cats permitting)!

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Chill, Silent, Short WORK VLOG: First Day at the Google Office! | HUD315, HUD345, 9th Ave Chelsea

I started at Google on Pi Day, March 14, 2022 as an Advertising Solutions Architect in gTech Professional Services for Shopping! While my onboarding the first week was remote, I finally went to the office in my second week! This is a short and sweet vlog of my first day at the office where I went to the HUD315, HUD345 and 9th Ave Chelsea Google offices. Be sure to read the onscreen commentary to learn about my experience so far and how it’s like as a Google employee!