Productive Work Day In My Life as a Google Solutions Architect | WFH NOOGLER EXPERIENCE #MagicMind

I’m four weeks into my Noogler experience, and I’m going through a lot of onboarding activities and trainings such as shadowing opportunities and 1-on-1s with teammates! Especially on a Monday, you really need to get something going to be productive, so I’m happy to announce that Magic Mind is sponsoring this video, and I love it! Really gets me going in the day (cats permitting)!

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Ways to Learn and Upskill in Tech

For some reason when people ask me what they can do to learn and upskill in tech, most of the times the paid courses and training or higher education is the first thing that comes to mind. However, look at this list! MOST of this is free and accessible to anyone that has access to a device that has Internet connection!

When I try to learn and upskill in tech, I resort to YouTube for crowdsourced information (watching many different videos), cross reference Google, YouTube, Quora, or Reddit for answers on targeted questions, network with professionals in areas of interest on what they have done to get to where they are, and do a lot of personal projects and research. Google search and YouTube were my go to for troubleshooting, researching, and getting questions answered. All are free! Plus, you get to grow your network with amazing people!

How about you?

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