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Claudia Miller: Negotiating Your Salary in Tech and Consulting | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

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Salary negotiations are not talked about enough in society and we need to close that gap for women in tech and consulting! Claudia Miller, @claudiatmiller, MPH owner of Claudia T. Miller, LLC: Career coaching, is a bilingual (Eng/Spa) Career Coach & Host of her own Podcast ‘Roadmap To The Executive Suite’. She helps serious professionals secure dream jobs, with dream salaries, at their dream companies including fast- growing startups, rockstar midsize companies, and Fortune 500 and Tech Giants. She also helps her clients negotiate salary increases of up to $50,000. Business Insider names her one of the “”Top 23 Most Innovative Career Coaches of 2020″”.

What can you do with a low GPA?

How can you get a job or internship if you have a low GPA? Grades are not the end of the world; I did poorly on exams (I still do, I hate the “a or c” or “all of the above” questions), and your self worth is not determined by your grades. You are determined by the type of person you put out in this world. Not ever did my grades ever come into question in my job in #consulting. In fact most companies don’t even ask after your first job.

If you ARE trying to find an internship or job and you have a low gpa, what can you do then? Here are the tips I have for you that I personally did in school to maximize my chances for a great entry level job!

Which one would you try to do today? Which one have you tried before? Let me know in the comments!

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Follow me on Instagram at @christine.innovates for more! I go over technology consulting, technology, consulting, careers, and also my own personal stories and narratives as a young working professional!

HOW to STAND OUT in your VIRTUAL or REMOTE Internship in 2020 | Get that RETURN OFFER!

Due to COVID19, many students are struggling to get internships and you may still be trying to find one! Don’t give up! For those that have found internships, they are most likely virtual or remote where you’re plugging away at home and not getting the true internship experience. For some, the main goal of the internship is to get that return offer, and it’s definitely whole a different ball game on exactly how to stand out and show that you’re worthy of one.

In my video today, I give you all my tips on how to succeed on getting your return offer VIRTUAL OR NOT, so if your internship is in person, you can still benefit from this video. Majority of these will be catered towards virtual or remote internships, but the exact same applies for if you’re in person.

I’ve had seven internships from high school through college, and I learned a lot by making mistakes and moving forward, so these were tips I picked up over time that helped curate a successful and valuable internship experience. I also learned how to get the most out of my internships as well to progress my career, whether or not it’s relating to my ideal career path! I go over in this video how you can get the most worth out of your internship today or in the future!

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Fake it till you make it

I used to do DECA high school business competitions. My first time was in my high school sophomore year when I did a 30-paged business plan on a East meets West department store which was a one-stop shop in Asian food, groceries, furniture, clothing… literally everything.

When we go to States competition in Rochester, we had to make an investment pitch. This was my first time ever presenting, and it was THE WORST. I LITERALLY read off a piece of paper and made NO eye contact. I epically failed. I went home so disappointed in myself because I had no confidence in myself despite knowing everything that I had to say.

I tried it again the next year and the year after that. I learned from my mistakes, and I knew it was all a confidence issue, but in my senior year, I made the top 10! I was able to do it by faking it even if I’m not confident.

Of course it doesn’t stop there. I went to college and when you major in business, you have to make presentations. My junior year in Core, AGAIN another program dedicated to a business plan on a new idea and an investment pitch, I had the confidence that shocked myself. Time and time again, I surprise myself and eventually, I was able to talk confidently and with poise. Now I KILL my job interviews, got my Accenture job, and now do YouTube videos where I put myself out there.

This was definitely a journey, but my confidence in myself, in my voice, and in my ideas have grown and now I am not afraid to be myself in front of anyone else. It took a while, but faking it till I made it definitely helped me get to this point, and I’m so glad I pushed myself! When have you pushed yourself for the better?

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