HOW to STAND OUT in your VIRTUAL or REMOTE Internship in 2020 | Get that RETURN OFFER!

Due to COVID19, many students are struggling to get internships and you may still be trying to find one! Don’t give up! For those that have found internships, they are most likely virtual or remote where you’re plugging away at home and not getting the true internship experience. For some, the main goal of the internship is to get that return offer, and it’s definitely whole a different ball game on exactly how to stand out and show that you’re worthy of one.

In my video today, I give you all my tips on how to succeed on getting your return offer VIRTUAL OR NOT, so if your internship is in person, you can still benefit from this video. Majority of these will be catered towards virtual or remote internships, but the exact same applies for if you’re in person.

I’ve had seven internships from high school through college, and I learned a lot by making mistakes and moving forward, so these were tips I picked up over time that helped curate a successful and valuable internship experience. I also learned how to get the most out of my internships as well to progress my career, whether or not it’s relating to my ideal career path! I go over in this video how you can get the most worth out of your internship today or in the future!

If you have any further questions about any of these tips, please let me know! In addition, my channel caters mostly to college students and young adults in their 20s that focus on the technology consulting career, professional and personal development, and money, so if you’re interested in this, please consider subscribing!



The poverty rate in the US is 22% for the Black population (among the highest), so they can’t access the resources and knowledge the privileged can through paid courses or even higher education. I make this information accessible through YouTube on how to improve your chances on getting a better job through tailoring your resume to companies and jobs – a skill most people don’t have! As many are laid off or furloughed due to Covid-19, this resource is great to help you get back up on your feet.

Too many people don’t realize sending the same resume out isn’t effective at all. You’re actually supposed to tailor your resume to each job and company you apply to. If you’re wondering why you didn’t get a call for an interview, this could be the reason why. I know this is a tough time when it comes to job and internship search especially with Covid19, so I filmed this video on how I tailored my resume to land a technology consulting job at Accenture as my first entry level job out of college! Also, to keep it interesting, I created a mock resume of my cat, so that may get you to laugh a little. 😊

My channel focuses on professional development but I also highlight my experience, lifestyle, and insights into a career in technology consulting in hopes to encourage more women to consider this amazing career – especially in STEM! I do have videos on how exactly I got my job at Accenture, so look out for that!

Any questions at all about the resume tips I provided or about Accenture or technology consulting, please let me know!