Work Day In The Office at Google VLOG: The Noogler Experience | Back To the Office! #Dossier

Four weeks in, I am still enjoying my Noogler Experience as a Shopping Advertising Solutions Architect in the Google New York Hudson 315 office! This is a day in my life in the office when I’m still a Noogler getting the hang of the ropes of the role, doing tons of training and readings, learning on the job through shadowing opportunities and assignments, and doing one-on-ones to meet everyone on the team (over 20 across North America)! Oh yeah, and the free delicious food!

NYC Work Day In My Life in the Office as a Technology Consultant | One Manhattan West & Office Event

This is a work day in my life vlog of a REAL day working in the office as a technology consultant at Accenture in the New York City One Manhattan West office! I’ve been enjoying going into the office and found a way to make it work for me with a portable external monitor using my iPad using Duet Display as well as organizing events as an office champion.

Day in the Life of a Technology Consultant: Finally Back in The Office | NYC VLOG

Finally back in the office! After a pandemic that has made us permanently work from home, we returned back to the office. I do want to note that even back before the pandemic, my life actually didn’t change that much since we were already working from home and only going into the office when needed. Since I’m the office champion, I made it so I went in twice a week for morale, but otherwise not much has changed other than not going to the client site as frequent.

In addition, the COVID restrictions have also changed since the time of this recording (back in June), but the procedure was reflective of how it was like then and not now.

DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TECH CONSULTANT | Addison Chen as an Accenture Workday Integrations Consultant

What’s better of a household with two technology consultants than a vlog of what a technical consultant does compared to what I do as a functional consultant?

I follow along in Addison Chen’s day 73 Vogue questions style asking the questions you have about how it’s like as a Workday Integrations Consultant at Accenture! This not indicative of how every technical consultant, Workday Integrations consultant, or even Accenture employee does on a daily basis as all of that varies by client, project, role, and firm, but at least this would give you a snapshot of how it would be!

I also found it pretty interesting myself because I always knew what he was doing, but I never truly followed his day to day until now. Functional vs. Technical is very different!