Day in the Life of a Technology Consultant: Finally Back in The Office | NYC VLOG

Finally back in the office! After a pandemic that has made us permanently work from home, we returned back to the office. I do want to note that even back before the pandemic, my life actually didn’t change that much since we were already working from home and only going into the office when needed. Since I’m the office champion, I made it so I went in twice a week for morale, but otherwise not much has changed other than not going to the client site as frequent.

In addition, the COVID restrictions have also changed since the time of this recording (back in June), but the procedure was reflective of how it was like then and not now.


Back to the Office! A new one!

This is my first day in the office, and boy was I impressed! We drag our feet to the office after a comfy work from home experience, but Accenture’s new New York office just opened up at 1 Manhattan West, so I was actually really excited to see the views! We’re on the 66th floor here!

We had to jump through a lot of loops to come in. Filling out a Return to Office request which is to choose days you want to come in and get approved, a negative COVID test result every 7 calendar days within the time you come in (onsite rapid testing, at home covid kit, or rapid testing elsewhere), and then you have to reserve a space.

You can work without a mask in an enclosed office, collaborate in reserved closed collab spaces or in reserved open workspaces with a mask on, and then check in! It was all worth it in the end!

Are you heading back to the office? I did a poll on my Instagram story before and looks like majority would want to come in only a few times a week or month, so if you’re in the Accenture NY Metro office, definitely check it out!

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In 2019, student loans reached an all-time high of $1.41 trillion! That is RIDICULOUS! I want to tell you that you can do it and that it IS possible as you can see with my debt-free journey. This is also a difficult time for many financially due to COVID19, so I wanted to assure you that you can do this, and when there is a will, there is a way.

I attended Boston University, and while I had grants, it wasn’t enough, so I had to take $50,000 in student loans. I was super determined to pay it off because I hated the feeling of being in debt. Today, I’m releasing a video on my debt-free journey in how I paid off ALL $50K in about one year while living in New York City and hopefully this can inspire you to get started on your journey today!

My channel typically focuses on professional development but I also highlight my experience, lifestyle, and insights into a career in technology consulting in hopes to encourage more women to consider this amazing career – especially in STEM! With this video, I’m also branching out into money because who doesn’t like talking about money, but specifically, in how to be frugal yet still have fun! I have a video next week that will teach you all my tips on how I saved money to pay off $50K of student loans

Any questions at all about the tips I provided, please let me know! Also, let me know how far along you’re in your debt free journey! WE CAN DO THIS!