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I posted this on my Instagram stories and YouTube Community tab, but I’m doing a YouTube Live on Thursday, April 28 at 7 PM EDT!

Ask me any questions here in the comments for me to answer live or tune in and ask me live!

You can ask me anything about tech, careers, consulting, technology consulting, Accenture, Google or myself!

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Everything About My Accenture Experience as a Technology Consultant

I always get asked if I liked Accenture, what did I do, how was my experience, all those questions, but I never really answered it in a video because it’s always an evolving answer, but now that I left, I give a very detailed and thorough answer! Many people ask me for a coffee chat to talk about my experience at Accenture, so here it is all in one video! Please note that this is just my experience, and I highly recommend you that network around with people at Accenture for the particular office, business unit and even role to really learn how your experience could be like or learn from many different people if you want to get a sense of Accenture as a whole!

My Biggest Issue with Technology Consulting: A Big Reason Why I Left Accenture

The nature of project-based work is unpredictable and sometimes out of your control based off of the many factors that put you in a powerless position. This video will go over my biggest issue with technology consulting and something you should be aware of as well as this can happen to anyone in any consulting firm or field.

I waited for a few months to film this video because I was angry, frustrated, and upset. You may even still hear some anger and frustration in this video because sometimes you’re put in a powerless position, but sometimes you need to take your career in your own hands.

Have you experienced this? What would you do in this situation if this were you?

WORK WEEK IN MY LIFE VLOG: My Last Week at Accenture | Rolling Off, Transitioning, Going to Office

I landed a technology consulting job at Accenture when I graduated back in 2018, and I’ve been at Accenture for 3 years, so I’m bittersweet for closing this chapter with this last week vlog! It has been an amazing experience whether it be meeting people (Accenture and clients), amazing experiences and memories, and all of the wealth of knowledge I learned about navigating the workplace, client engagements, and Accenture in general! Here’s a last tribute to my time at Accenture with this vlog from rolling off my last client project, transitioning off with knowledge transfer sessions for the multiple hats I wear, and going to the office and saying goodbye! It’s not a goodbye, but rather a see you later!


Even though I’m no longer in a consulting firm, there will still be tech consulting content (and I can be a little more candid now with no conflict of interest) as well and this time more content about my experience and time in a FAANG (or is it MANGA now?) company!

I’m all about transparency to allow others to make informed decisions about their careers and for people who didn’t know such careers and paths are available to them to start their journey!

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I left my technology consulting job at Accenture for… | WHY, HOW, WHERE TO NEXT?

This has been a big secret I’ve been holding for three months now! My last day as a Workday Financials technology consultant at Accenture was March 2, 2022 and my first day at my new company and new role starts on March 14! I explain why I start looking, how I started looking, the timeline of what exactly happened (separate video on the actual interview process coming soon!) and the big reveal of my new role and company! So excited for this new step in my career!

Mari Taksa: Her Experience with the Accenture Apprenticeship Program | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Mari Taksa was pivoting away from her work fundraising for a nonprofit through a coding bootcamp that helped her connect to Accenture’s apprenticeship program where she is now a Data Engineering Associate! She tells us all about her experience and her tips for the Accenture apprenticeship program!

Listen to the full podcast episode:

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Mock Technology Consulting Case Interview: Tech Transformation | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Listen to the full episode:

Follow Along! Did you know case interviews are usually different for technology consulting case interviews? In today’s video, we go through a real mock interview with Diego so you can join along and learn as well!

Back to the Office! A new one!

This is my first day in the office, and boy was I impressed! We drag our feet to the office after a comfy work from home experience, but Accenture’s new New York office just opened up at 1 Manhattan West, so I was actually really excited to see the views! We’re on the 66th floor here!

We had to jump through a lot of loops to come in. Filling out a Return to Office request which is to choose days you want to come in and get approved, a negative COVID test result every 7 calendar days within the time you come in (onsite rapid testing, at home covid kit, or rapid testing elsewhere), and then you have to reserve a space.

You can work without a mask in an enclosed office, collaborate in reserved closed collab spaces or in reserved open workspaces with a mask on, and then check in! It was all worth it in the end!

Are you heading back to the office? I did a poll on my Instagram story before and looks like majority would want to come in only a few times a week or month, so if you’re in the Accenture NY Metro office, definitely check it out!

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Best Internships for Consulting

One common question I get is what internships should you get if you want to pursue consulting, and it’s a trick question because most people instantly think of Big 4, MBB, or Accenture (gotta add it to the list), but they think if they don’t get a consulting internship it’s game over.

Find roles and programs where you can grow and cultivate these skills. The title may not seem entirely related but the nature of the work is. It’s all about the story and the transferable skills. Some internships that could translate well would be data analytics, market research, supply chain management, operations management, IT project management, product management, financial analysis, and so much more. And even on top of the “role,” actually working on these skills are not guaranteed so you may want to go out of your way to put them to practice either by talking to your supervisor or doing it outside of your internship.

Technology Consulting Community’s pro Bono consulting program is a GREAT example of getting real experience with clients and working on all these skills! It’s free, global, and very fulfilling, so comment down below if you’re interested in learning more as we do rolling applications and send out an interest form to our email list and Facebook group for our next round of clients!

Follow me on Instagram at @christine.innovates for more! I go over technology consulting, technology, consulting, careers, and also my own personal stories and narratives as a young working professional!