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Follow Along! Did you know case interviews are usually different for technology consulting case interviews? In today’s video, we go through a real mock interview with Diego so you can join along and learn as well!

Back to the Office! A new one!

This is my first day in the office, and boy was I impressed! We drag our feet to the office after a comfy work from home experience, but Accenture’s new New York office just opened up at 1 Manhattan West, so I was actually really excited to see the views! We’re on the 66th floor here!

We had to jump through a lot of loops to come in. Filling out a Return to Office request which is to choose days you want to come in and get approved, a negative COVID test result every 7 calendar days within the time you come in (onsite rapid testing, at home covid kit, or rapid testing elsewhere), and then you have to reserve a space.

You can work without a mask in an enclosed office, collaborate in reserved closed collab spaces or in reserved open workspaces with a mask on, and then check in! It was all worth it in the end!

Are you heading back to the office? I did a poll on my Instagram story before and looks like majority would want to come in only a few times a week or month, so if you’re in the Accenture NY Metro office, definitely check it out!

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Best Internships for Consulting

One common question I get is what internships should you get if you want to pursue consulting, and it’s a trick question because most people instantly think of Big 4, MBB, or Accenture (gotta add it to the list), but they think if they don’t get a consulting internship it’s game over.

Find roles and programs where you can grow and cultivate these skills. The title may not seem entirely related but the nature of the work is. It’s all about the story and the transferable skills. Some internships that could translate well would be data analytics, market research, supply chain management, operations management, IT project management, product management, financial analysis, and so much more. And even on top of the “role,” actually working on these skills are not guaranteed so you may want to go out of your way to put them to practice either by talking to your supervisor or doing it outside of your internship.

Technology Consulting Community’s pro Bono consulting program is a GREAT example of getting real experience with clients and working on all these skills! It’s free, global, and very fulfilling, so comment down below if you’re interested in learning more as we do rolling applications and send out an interest form to our email list and Facebook group for our next round of clients!

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Mohammad Misbah: Up the Ranks in Consulting: Analyst to Senior Manager | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

Mohammad Misbah, other known as “The Consulting Guy” on Instagram, started off at Accenture as an analyst and then rose through the ranks as a senior manager and now is a Director at a Big 4 consulting firm. He now runs The Consulting Guy, hosts The Consulting Podcast, an entrepreneur (crypto, real estate, angel investing), and is a Dad of a 2 year old trouble maker, husband to a wonderful woman.

Starting off in systems integrations and then moving into management consulting where he focused on CRM in the financial services industry, Mohammad shares his wisdom of how his journey, responsibilities, and expectations have changed from when he was an analyst and all the way up as he got promoted within the firm to senior manager. He is now an ex-senior manager at Accenture and has moved onto to become a director at a Big 4 consulting firm!

HOW to write a GREAT Thank You Email | THIS Accenture Thank You Email That Got The Job

In this video, I go over how I exactly write my thank you emails and make it a GREAT thank you email! A really good thank you email can help your case, but a GREAT thank you email might actually overturn a decision or land you that offer! In this video, I actually show you my thank you email during the Accenture interview process.

Top 4 Tech Consulting Firms

I hate rankings because I feel like they are all just rankings, but I actually value more about when the culture or firm is for you. These are the ranking from 2020 at And no, I didn’t choose this one because #Accenture is at the top, haha. I think what is important to see when it comes to rankings is to really determine why you are interested in a particular firm. Is it for the prestige and reputation? Is it for clout? Or do you actually like the company’s culture and what they offer for you and your career?

When many people went to me and asked why not #mckinsey, #bain, or #bcg, mine was frankly on culture and work life balance. Also they weren’t known for tech. For #big4, I didn’t want to be in an accounting firm. #Deloitte was probably the only one I would consider due to its dedicated consulting sector and decent tech consulting offerings.

In the end, I chose Accenture for their culture, people, and branding! How many professional services do you see flash in purple? Purple in marketing is meant to be #innovation. It wasn’t purple just for fun.

Which firm is your top firm? Our even #boutiquefirms which I feel don’t get enough attention! Coming from a boutique firm, I loved my experience knowing everyone and honing my craft in data analytics. It’s a better option for many people! I personally chose Accenture so I could explore and expand my skillset and reach beyond just #dataanalytics.

What is an ERP?

Do you know what an ERP is? I’m actually a Workday Financials functional consultant, and I do software implementations on Workday. Workday is also an ERP system. A lot of what many companies already have are ERPs, and more than ever due to the pandemic, CLOUD ERPs are taking off. And that’s exactly what Workday is!

If you are interested in technology consulting, software implementations of ERPs are HUGE. One thing I like about it is it’s their backbone for business, so when you are doing an implementation, you are truly understanding how a client does business and learn about how industries and companies differ.

Comment down below on what are some ERP systems you know of! Bonus points if they’re a cloud ERP!

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Types of Consulting

As a technology consultant at Accenture, of course I have preferences to tech, but I don’t think many people realize there are more to consulting than just management and strategy consulting. These are the biggest buckets in consulting, but there are still subsets of consulting under them as well. Some can even be focused on industries like healthcare or more specialized as well like change management.

Let me know in the comments which one you’re interested in pursuing or if you already are a consultant! Curious as to why it speaks to you as well!

If technology consulting or consulting in general speaks to you, make sure to follow me and also check out my YouTube channel that focuses on technology consulting, consulting, careers, professional & personal development, and money for the young working professional!

Job Recruitment Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some of my Do’s and Don’ts for job recruitment! If you want to learn more, make sure to check out the event so you can hear some directly from Accenture recruiter Pira Muthu!

This is an EXCLUSIVE EVENT only available to the Technology Consulting Community members. Pira Muthu is an Accenture recruiter based out of the UK, has many opportunities available in the UK area (relocation allowed) that she would love to share with us.

She also wants to share her hints and tips for undergrads and experienced hires interested in a pursuing a career in technology consulting. She is also happy to talk about interview best practices as she has 7+ years of recruitment. This is an event you DO NOT want to miss! Share to anyone who may be interested!

NOTE: WE TAKE NO SHOWS VERY SERIOUSLY. It is disrespectful to the guest and it also reflects poorly on you. Every guest gets a list of who marked going and who actually attends.
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Vu Nguyen: Accenture Federal Services Technology Consultant & YouTuber | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

Ever wonder how it’s like working with federal and government clients as a technology consultant? This is the one for you! Let’s listen to Vu Nguyen’s journey!

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Vu Nguyen graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in biomedical engineering. He knew he wanted to go into technology consulting, so he found a job at Accenture Federal Services. Working with government clients is always interesting to explore how different they are compared to working with commercial clients. I go over all the nuances and questions I had so you can learn about working with government clients, how it’s like at Accenture Federal Services (AFS), which is Accenture LLP’s wholly owned subsidiary of Accenture LLP for government clients, and also more about technology consulting! On the side, Vu also has a YouTube channel with lots of entertaining content that is fun to watch, so make sure to go support his channel!