YouTube Live! Ask me anything!

I posted this on my Instagram stories and YouTube Community tab, but I’m doing a YouTube Live on Thursday, April 28 at 7 PM EDT!

Ask me any questions here in the comments for me to answer live or tune in and ask me live!

You can ask me anything about tech, careers, consulting, technology consulting, Accenture, Google or myself!

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I GIVE MY BOYFRIEND A HAIRCUT: So How Much Does He Know About Me?

I’ve been cutting Addison’s hair a lot due to the pandemic, but at a certain point, I got tired, so he tried cutting it himself. He actually cut a BIT too much at one point on the side of his head, but I was like why don’t I do it BUT let’s make a video out of it where we see how much he knows about me! It’s actually intended to ask these questions in a fun way so you can learn a little bit more about me!

For each time he got it right, he would get one minute of haircut (30 seconds if partially right), and for each time he got it wrong, I would just keep asking questions about me. How well do you think he did and how was the haircut?