Everything About My Accenture Experience as a Technology Consultant

I always get asked if I liked Accenture, what did I do, how was my experience, all those questions, but I never really answered it in a video because it’s always an evolving answer, but now that I left, I give a very detailed and thorough answer! Many people ask me for a coffee chat to talk about my experience at Accenture, so here it is all in one video! Please note that this is just my experience, and I highly recommend you that network around with people at Accenture for the particular office, business unit and even role to really learn how your experience could be like or learn from many different people if you want to get a sense of Accenture as a whole!


My Biggest Issue with Technology Consulting: A Big Reason Why I Left Accenture

The nature of project-based work is unpredictable and sometimes out of your control based off of the many factors that put you in a powerless position. This video will go over my biggest issue with technology consulting and something you should be aware of as well as this can happen to anyone in any consulting firm or field.

I waited for a few months to film this video because I was angry, frustrated, and upset. You may even still hear some anger and frustration in this video because sometimes you’re put in a powerless position, but sometimes you need to take your career in your own hands.

Have you experienced this? What would you do in this situation if this were you?

2022 10 Best Top Entry-Level Tech Jobs

With 2022 already here, I thought this would be fitting! After crossreferencing and triangulating many sources, these were the ones that were mentioned the most!

If your goal is to break into tech out of college or from a non-tech background, look into these! They can be achieved through bootcamps, projects, building portfolios, apprenticeship/internships/co-ops!

Are you interested in any of them? Why? Is there another role here you think should be on the list?

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What is AI?

I’m by no means an expert in AI, but it is NOT perfect and will not take over humans. It would help speed processes, but it will still require human intervention.

There is data bias from AI and it’s only as good as your data was. There’s also a lot of bias with the data you put in, so it’s always very important to make sure you try to remove bias.

What did you think of the situation in the graphic? Are you surprised?

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Transitioning to Real Estate from Tech with Adrian | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

Listen to full episode: https://linktr.ee/christinepodcast

Adrian Chu received a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and received an MBA at University of Washington. He also studied data science in real estate at the school of architecture and planning at MIT. He also worked as an engineer at Boeing, Intel, and Microsoft while being the managing broker and principal at Specialty Real Estate Group as well as principal at CHU Design + Build.

He has left the tech world and is now fully in the real estate world. He walks us through how it’s like to purchase and invest in real estate in today’s age!

Do you need to code?

I did an Instagram reel before on 8 tech jobs without coding, and unfortunately the caption (that had a lot of tons of caveats and notes) dropped due to a glitch on Instagram, but many thought the roles I mentioned did require coding so I made this instead.

I still think coding is a very important skill to have regardless if it requires coding or not because it can help you with understanding the role and work or to actually do the work itself.

As someone who didn’t study computer science, there are many ways you can use your resources in school, out of school, on the job or internship, or around you. Free or not! This is how I got my experience and how you can as well! Even if my current job does not require coding, the logical thinking of understanding how code performs helps a lot in structuring your thinking interacting with a system.

Did I miss out on anything? Comment down below!

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Alankrita Dayal | UX Engineer & Executive Director at Program YoUr Future | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

Alankrita Dayal is currently the Principal Product Design Engineer at HP Enterprises, focused on developing educational technology that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to curate effective and personalized STEM learning pathways for students in K-12. She is also the Executive Director at Program yoUr Future (PUF), where she organizes large-scale academic bootcamps that educate and empower underrepresented, at-risk youth into the STEM and Computer Science fields.

We talk about getting into STEM and how we can make it accessible to many!

What is an ERP?

Do you know what an ERP is? I’m actually a Workday Financials functional consultant, and I do software implementations on Workday. Workday is also an ERP system. A lot of what many companies already have are ERPs, and more than ever due to the pandemic, CLOUD ERPs are taking off. And that’s exactly what Workday is!

If you are interested in technology consulting, software implementations of ERPs are HUGE. One thing I like about it is it’s their backbone for business, so when you are doing an implementation, you are truly understanding how a client does business and learn about how industries and companies differ.

Comment down below on what are some ERP systems you know of! Bonus points if they’re a cloud ERP!

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Technology Consulting Community Discord Server

The Technology Consulting Community at this point seems to be catered more to college students and aspiring technology consultants. I hope to engage the existing technology consultants and to add another layer of fun, we’re starting a Discord server!


Collin Miller: Startup Founder, Innovator, AI Enthusiast | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

New podcast episode now out on Collin Miller! We will be doing a LIVE Q&A on him for the Technology Consulting Community! In addition, they are accepting applicants for internships, so if you’re interested in being at the forefront of AI, make sure to join the event! That will be booked soon.

Collin Miller has a very untraditional career path where he started off with an associate’s degree in metal welding, and then pursued a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Finding his love in computer science, he wanted to pursue his lifelong aspirations to “provoke genuine productive emotions.” Based in Los Angeles, he first started off working with robotics in the aerospace industry, and then shortly after that, he founded a startup in artificial intelligence called nFlux.ai along with his team from California State University Northridge where he studied computer science. Founding a startup at age 26 is incredibly impressive, so I want to share his story and journey with you all!

Watch the YouTube Video Interview Here:


Apple Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/chatting-with-christine-tech-careers-badass-women/id1536560709?i=1000497044135

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/christinewong/episodes/Collin-Miller-Startup-Founder–Innovator–AI-Enthusiast–TECHNOLOGY-PROFESSIONALS-ekljqm