Transitioning to Real Estate from Tech with Adrian | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

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Adrian Chu received a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and received an MBA at University of Washington. He also studied data science in real estate at the school of architecture and planning at MIT. He also worked as an engineer at Boeing, Intel, and Microsoft while being the managing broker and principal at Specialty Real Estate Group as well as principal at CHU Design + Build.

He has left the tech world and is now fully in the real estate world. He walks us through how it’s like to purchase and invest in real estate in today’s age!


CLOSING ON OUR CONDO IN NYC | Contract Signing, Board Application, Bank Closing Process

Follow me on the rest of our real estate journey! We bought a condo in New York City during the COVID19 pandemic, and this is our closing process! I go in depth in terms of what exactly the process was for us in NYC for a condo during the pandemic. Your process may be very different compared to ours based off of location and the type of property you are purchasing. Here is my process and hopefully this gives you more insights to how it is!

We Bought a Condo in our 20s! Rent vs. Buy, Relationship with Money, Our Experience | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

My boyfriend, Addison Chen, and I bought a condo in Brooklyn! We are so excited, but we know we are also extremely privileged to be able to do this in our 20s. Many young working professionals I know don’t really know much about money, so in this episode, my boyfriend Addison and I talk about renting vs. buying, how to save for a house, and our home buying experience. It has always been the American dream to buy your own house, have your own family, have some dogs running around in the field, but is that really feasible anymore? We talk about how everything has changed for our generation.