What is Workday?

If you didn’t know already, I’m a Workday Financials consultant at Accenture! The question I often get asked is “What is Workday?” Even when I started at Accenture, I asked myself the same question.

You may have noticed at the bottom of many job applications that it’s powered by Workday. The part of the software is on Workday Financials. Mostly used by finance and accounting teams, that includes Supplier Accounts, Procurement, Customer Revenue, Business Assets, Financial Accounting, Banking & Settlement and more.

They also have HCM, Payroll, Education, and many other products and SKUs. It’s a hot field to be in as a certification can get you far. A plus if you’re in Financials as Workday is pushing big time on this!

Are you interested in working for Workday or being a #Workday consultant?

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What is an ERP?

Do you know what an ERP is? I’m actually a Workday Financials functional consultant, and I do software implementations on Workday. Workday is also an ERP system. A lot of what many companies already have are ERPs, and more than ever due to the pandemic, CLOUD ERPs are taking off. And that’s exactly what Workday is!

If you are interested in technology consulting, software implementations of ERPs are HUGE. One thing I like about it is it’s their backbone for business, so when you are doing an implementation, you are truly understanding how a client does business and learn about how industries and companies differ.

Comment down below on what are some ERP systems you know of! Bonus points if they’re a cloud ERP!

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