My Biggest Issue with Technology Consulting: A Big Reason Why I Left Accenture

The nature of project-based work is unpredictable and sometimes out of your control based off of the many factors that put you in a powerless position. This video will go over my biggest issue with technology consulting and something you should be aware of as well as this can happen to anyone in any consulting firm or field.

I waited for a few months to film this video because I was angry, frustrated, and upset. You may even still hear some anger and frustration in this video because sometimes you’re put in a powerless position, but sometimes you need to take your career in your own hands.

Have you experienced this? What would you do in this situation if this were you?


A STRESSFUL Training & Certification Work Week in My Life as a Technology Consultant

If you’re in consulting, you’ll no doubt have to do training and also pursue certifications. In this vlog, I am pursuing (and eventually passed!) Workday’s Advanced Reporting Certification. It’s tough balancing client work, training, the homework an studying that comes with it, and even personal life, so hopefully this will show you a true account on a work week in my life as a technology consultant.

What is Workday?

If you didn’t know already, I’m a Workday Financials consultant at Accenture! The question I often get asked is “What is Workday?” Even when I started at Accenture, I asked myself the same question.

You may have noticed at the bottom of many job applications that it’s powered by Workday. The part of the software is on Workday Financials. Mostly used by finance and accounting teams, that includes Supplier Accounts, Procurement, Customer Revenue, Business Assets, Financial Accounting, Banking & Settlement and more.

They also have HCM, Payroll, Education, and many other products and SKUs. It’s a hot field to be in as a certification can get you far. A plus if you’re in Financials as Workday is pushing big time on this!

Are you interested in working for Workday or being a #Workday consultant?

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What is Cloud?

Cloud is HOT. Especially with the pandemic, more and more companies are pushing to go to the cloud. I think a lot of people don’t exactly know how cloud is everywhere, and this will show you TRULY that it’s all around you – even software you may have used without knowing.

Just imagine using a CD, DVD, flash drives, even a FLOPPY DISK (comment down below if you know how one looks like 😂😂😂)! I made a poll on my YouTube channel’s community tab on what tech excites my subscribers the most and they said cloud and AI. Cloud is what many are going towards now and @accenture’s Cloud First even invested $3B to accelerate clients’ move to cloud and digital transformation.

If you want a tech or consulting job of high demand, cloud is the way to go! What are your favorite cloud services? I’m sure they are there, you probably just didn’t know!