What is Cloud?

Cloud is HOT. Especially with the pandemic, more and more companies are pushing to go to the cloud. I think a lot of people don’t exactly know how cloud is everywhere, and this will show you TRULY that it’s all around you – even software you may have used without knowing.

Just imagine using a CD, DVD, flash drives, even a FLOPPY DISK (comment down below if you know how one looks like 😂😂😂)! I made a poll on my YouTube channel’s community tab on what tech excites my subscribers the most and they said cloud and AI. Cloud is what many are going towards now and @accenture’s Cloud First even invested $3B to accelerate clients’ move to cloud and digital transformation.

If you want a tech or consulting job of high demand, cloud is the way to go! What are your favorite cloud services? I’m sure they are there, you probably just didn’t know!


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