Collin Miller: Startup Founder, Innovator, AI Enthusiast | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

New podcast episode now out on Collin Miller! We will be doing a LIVE Q&A on him for the Technology Consulting Community! In addition, they are accepting applicants for internships, so if you’re interested in being at the forefront of AI, make sure to join the event! That will be booked soon.

Collin Miller has a very untraditional career path where he started off with an associate’s degree in metal welding, and then pursued a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Finding his love in computer science, he wanted to pursue his lifelong aspirations to “provoke genuine productive emotions.” Based in Los Angeles, he first started off working with robotics in the aerospace industry, and then shortly after that, he founded a startup in artificial intelligence called along with his team from California State University Northridge where he studied computer science. Founding a startup at age 26 is incredibly impressive, so I want to share his story and journey with you all!

Watch the YouTube Video Interview Here:


Apple Podcast:



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