What Should You Do With Your First Paycheck as a Consultant: Advice for NEW Consultants

A subscriber asked me what they should spend on with their first paycheck as a consultant, and I’ve never been asked this question before! I thought it would be pretty interesting to answer, so I broke it down in a video!

Please keep in mind that I ALWAYS recommend analyzing your current financial situation FIRST whether it be dependents, loans, savings, and financial goals, then budgeting how much of your paycheck goes to them, and maximizing your tax deductibles. This video is for after all of that, what should you spend money on that would make your consulting life easier!

Pivoting into Technology Consulting as an Experienced Hire | HOW TO BECOME A TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT

I get asked this question a lot and while a lot are from students, I do get asked this question a lot by people already out in the industry on how they can get started. This is the video for you!

For those who don’t know, experienced hire is mostly used for anyone who has had work experience outside of undergraduate or graduate studies. Someone who has one year of experience after college and someone who has 30 years of experience are both considered experienced hires. Both have their own advantages and challenges! If you are still stuck, comment down below on your situation and I can help you out or join me on my free coaching program here on the YouTube channel or DM me for 1-on-1 private coaching!

How to get that RETURN OFFER from your Internship | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Deniz reached out to me as a sophomore in college doing a consulting internship. This is also her first internship as well, so she didn’t know what she needed to do to navigate the waters! She hopes to get that return offer for her junior year summer, so we sat down to talk about all the tips and answer her questions!

Providence & Newport Trip: Seafood, Newport Mansions, Working in Boston | Summer Travel Vlog

I met up with some alumni friends of mine from the Phi Chi Theta Zeta chapter and we went to Providence and Newport! After apart for more than a year, it was great to see familiar faces!

Since airbnbs and hotels were expensive in Newport, we stayed in Providence instead and did a day trip to Newport. We checked out Providence, biked in Providence, went to Newport, explored the Newport mansions, had brunch, and went shopping! Seafood is a must-eat in New England area like lobster rolls and clam chowder!

ASK ME ANYTHING about Technology Consulting, Cats, Myself: I take you to California!

I asked my Instagram audience for questions, and I answered it all in this video! It would mostly answer your questions about technology consulting, cats, or myself. I actually originally filmed this video at home, but when I was editing, I realized it didn’t record audio, so I decided to just film it on the go during my California trip so it would be a little more fun!

Do you still have any questions left? Make sure to follow me on Instagram to join the next Q&A or comment down below and I will answer!

Manal Meer | Pivoting into Technology Consulting from a Science Background | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Manal Meer studied biology and psychology in University of Toronto and then an MBA at McMaster University where she discovered consulting during an internship. Recently pivoting into technology consulting at Ernst & Young in Canada as a Strategy & Technology Transformation Consultant, she walks us through her journey, is an MBA worth it, how she pivoted herself, and even how it’s like and some tips she has for those starting their jobs in a virtual or remote setting!

Alankrita Dayal | UX Engineer & Executive Director at Program YoUr Future | TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONALS

Alankrita Dayal is currently the Principal Product Design Engineer at HP Enterprises, focused on developing educational technology that utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence to curate effective and personalized STEM learning pathways for students in K-12. She is also the Executive Director at Program yoUr Future (PUF), where she organizes large-scale academic bootcamps that educate and empower underrepresented, at-risk youth into the STEM and Computer Science fields.

We talk about getting into STEM and how we can make it accessible to many!

DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TECH CONSULTANT | Addison Chen as an Accenture Workday Integrations Consultant

What’s better of a household with two technology consultants than a vlog of what a technical consultant does compared to what I do as a functional consultant?

I follow along in Addison Chen’s day 73 Vogue questions style asking the questions you have about how it’s like as a Workday Integrations Consultant at Accenture! This not indicative of how every technical consultant, Workday Integrations consultant, or even Accenture employee does on a daily basis as all of that varies by client, project, role, and firm, but at least this would give you a snapshot of how it would be!

I also found it pretty interesting myself because I always knew what he was doing, but I never truly followed his day to day until now. Functional vs. Technical is very different!


Did you see my vlog that came out yesterday? I was a bit extra having so much fun with the DJI Pocket 2! Such a fun little gadget!

Comment down below on what kind of vlogs you want to see from me and what kind of information you want, whether it’s tech, consulting, professional or even personal! I have Miami and LA content coming out soon!

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P.S. DJI, please sponsor me! This is such a cool photo that highlights the DJI Pocket 2!

Testimonials: New FREE Coaching Sessions!

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