How Covid Affected Consulting

If you’re in consulting, how did the pandemic affect how you worked? Some say positively, and some say negatively! Let me know!

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DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TECH CONSULTANT | Addison Chen as an Accenture Workday Integrations Consultant

What’s better of a household with two technology consultants than a vlog of what a technical consultant does compared to what I do as a functional consultant?

I follow along in Addison Chen’s day 73 Vogue questions style asking the questions you have about how it’s like as a Workday Integrations Consultant at Accenture! This not indicative of how every technical consultant, Workday Integrations consultant, or even Accenture employee does on a daily basis as all of that varies by client, project, role, and firm, but at least this would give you a snapshot of how it would be!

I also found it pretty interesting myself because I always knew what he was doing, but I never truly followed his day to day until now. Functional vs. Technical is very different!

PSA for Consultants: STOP DOING THIS!

I’m ranting about something that SO MANY CONSULTANTS need to stop doing! This is a different format of a video then I usually do, but whether you’re a new or experienced consultant, please stop and watch this now!

It’s very important for your mental and physical health to know your boundaries. For some reason, the consulting lifestyle is glorified as a “rite of passage” to work long hours and on weekends, but life really doesn’t have to be like that! I spoke to many consultants and find out why it is, and now I’m telling you WHY YOU NEED TO STOP THIS and HOW.


I often get the questions on what exactly do technology consultants do on a day to day basis, and while that is a very difficult question to answer, and if you ask any consultant, they’re going to say “it depends.” I remember being a college student getting that same answer in all my informational interviews, but now that I’m actually IN the field, I have a clear image of what is out there and finally found a way to break it all down in a digestible format for you!

In this video, I go over the type of work and the type of projects you may expect as a technology consultant. As I only do software implementations, I’ve also asked other technology consultants and their experiences, so this should be a pretty comprehensive video on what kind of work you can expect to do!

My channel focuses on professional development but I also highlight my experience, lifestyle, and insights into a career in technology consulting in hopes to encourage more women to consider this amazing career – especially in STEM!

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I am finally releasing video on why YOU should consider becoming a technology consultant! I am currently a technology consultant at Accenture in NYC for about two years now, and SO MANY ask what exactly do I do and if tech consulting (or consulting) is a good path for them. Even my parents still ask me to this day, so I’m literally sending them this video! This video will go over what exactly is tech consulting, why companies need tech consultants (this question baffles my parents), skills needed, and pros and cons. It’s a long video, but I go in depth so it should answer all your questions!

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