Three Top Reasons Why Technology Consulting Isn’t For You

I constantly preach about technology consulting as an amazing career and option for many people to discover your love within technology or through many projects, clients, and industries, but there are still reasons why technology consulting might not be for you. I can only come up with three SPECIFIC to technology consulting and not other types of consulting.

If you are debating between consulting disciplines or just other career paths within tech in general, this is the video for you!


What are the PROJECT STAGES in Technology Consulting? | WHAT TO EXPECT!

So many of you have asked me what exactly should you expect on a project in tech consulting. I talked about what kind of projects you can have, but what about what to expect on your day to day life? If you ask every consultant, you’ll get a “it depends” because it varies by client and project stage. Today, I break down what to expect in every stage of the project, so hopefully it demystifies what to expect even for just a little! In most tech consulting projects, they follow the standard SDLCs, so they look very similar to if you’re a programmer or engineer!

if you have any questions at all about tech consulting or even any of the information in this video, let me know!


I often get the questions on what exactly do technology consultants do on a day to day basis, and while that is a very difficult question to answer, and if you ask any consultant, they’re going to say “it depends.” I remember being a college student getting that same answer in all my informational interviews, but now that I’m actually IN the field, I have a clear image of what is out there and finally found a way to break it all down in a digestible format for you!

In this video, I go over the type of work and the type of projects you may expect as a technology consultant. As I only do software implementations, I’ve also asked other technology consultants and their experiences, so this should be a pretty comprehensive video on what kind of work you can expect to do!

My channel focuses on professional development but I also highlight my experience, lifestyle, and insights into a career in technology consulting in hopes to encourage more women to consider this amazing career – especially in STEM!

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