Testimonials: New FREE Coaching Sessions!

If you didn’t see my new YouTube video yesterday, I’ve recently pivoted from paid Patreon group coaching sessions to FREE 1-on-1 coaching sessions for anyone interested in pursuing or pivoting into technology consulting! There is no catch, but to reach a bigger audience because your sessions could help others just like you, it will be on my YouTube channel. https://forms.gle/nTAynaVRWxVPS9hHA

If you are interested in a career in technology consulting, make sure to join @techconsultingcommunity’s Facebook group, Clubhouse, and Discord server to join the discussions on how to launch and grow your career in technology consulting! We also have free events, programs, activities, and workshops.

Check out my YouTube channel for video content focusing on technology consulting, consulting, careers, professional & personal development, and money for the young working professional!

I am starting free coaching sessions for my YouTube channel, so if you’re okay being on camera, let’s go! I also do paid 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Just DM me!

Maybe you’ll be the next one!


How I’m Pivoting in 2021 | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

Listen to full episode here: https://linktr.ee/christinepodcast

I’m changing up my content creation approach and introducing a lot more interactive elements! I shut down my Patreon Tier 1 and will be using my YouTube channel and podcast to serve more people in career coaching! I am also going to develop the Technology Consulting Community as a stronger self-standing entity!

A special quote from Michelle Lam

My good friend Michelle N. Lam, otherwise known as @mewtripled, once told me this. As random as it sounds, it’s actually very relevant in almost everything in life.

You need to take the first move yourself and take what YOU want. Don’t wait for others to take it before you and then regret you didn’t do so earlier. You want to take that leap of faith even if you don’t know you’ll make it, but at least you’ll know you tried.

That actually was kind of how my YouTube channel started where I was wondering why there was no content on tech consulting available to so many people who actually want to pursue this career. It’s discouraging one informational interview after another that you get a “it depends” but no one giving a true answer (albeit many answers but at least AN answer), so I was like why not? I took the leap of faith and I have no regrets! I managed to build an online community on Facebook called the Technology Consulting Community with over 1,500 members across the works in 70+ countries!

I have no regrets and while this particular quote wasn’t the one that actually got me to press record, @mewtripled came swooping in saying ya just gotta do it and I did. I’ve been loving it ever since!

Follow me on Instagram at @christine.innovates for more! I go over technology consulting, technology, consulting, careers, and also my own personal stories and narratives as a young working professional!

My 6 Month Journey to YouTube Monetization in 2020 with a Full Time Job

Hello everyone! I got monetized on YouTube back in December of 2020, and a lot have been very interested in learning more and providing more of the analytical insights behind it. I finally put it all in a Medium article and hopefully this helps! Whether or not you have your own YouTube channel or you’re trying to create your own digital footprint, I think this is going to be an interesting read! Check it out!


My 6 Month Journey to YouTube Monetization!

I’m finally monetized on YouTube, and I wanted to let everyone know about my journey in hopes this would help you!

My Background:
• I’m a full time technology consultant at Accenture for two years at this point. My intention was to never be a full time YouTuber/podcaster and it will stay that way.
• I started YouTube seriously in May 2020.
• I started monetizing on YouTube on December 7th.
• I did one video a week up until July when I started doing two videos a week.
• I started a Facebook group in June called the Technology Consulting Community. There are currently 1000+ members. I post only my tech consulting related videos, but I also started exclusive programs like case interview programs, pro bono consulting programs, virtual networking events.
• My niche has evolved over time. It first started with just technology consulting and professional development. It has now evolved more towards “content for the young working professional” with a focus on technology consulting, career skills, personal development, and money.
• I also started a podcast starting in October. Video interviews are on YouTube, audio interviews hosted on Anchor. There are also podcast exclusives that can’t be found on YouTube.

These are not all of my tips, but comment down below on yours!

How I Manage My Time

So many people wonder how I manage my time with a full time job in technology consulting, being serious about my YouTube channel, podcast, and the Technology Consulting Community while staying sane and prioritizing my mental and emotional health.

What were some of your tips on how you manage your time?


New exciting and helpful podcast episode!


We all know that finding a job can get very stressful, but we all know too well that job hunting and navigating the recruitment process during a pandemic is even harder.

I gathered a few members of the Technology Consulting Community from around the world with diverse backgrounds to share their experiences, tips, and strategies on their process landing a good technology consulting job during these unprecedented times! Hopefully you find this extremely useful and helpful for your job search! These tips and strategies we discussed apply to all careers, all walks of life, and all backgrounds – not just during the pandemic!

We will have a LIVE Q&A exclusive to the Technology Consulting Community as well! Join the Technology Consulting Community Facebook Group and meet other aspiring and current technology consultants to network and learn more!

Calling all women and tech professionals!

I recently started a podcast! I also have a YouTube channel I started in May as well! If you are a woman with an interesting story or journey or you want to share how you got to where you are with your career in technology (or both!), please reach out to me! I am always looking for guests!


There would be a video interview on YouTube as well as an audio podcast on every platform you can listen to podcasts like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and more!

This is made by and made for the young working professional. Get inspired or learn something along the way!

You can message me on LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook! Even email! Please provide a quick blurb about your story and/or career that you would like to share! If we could be a good match for each other, you could be on my next podcast episode!