Remember to value your mental health

Hustle culture is toxic. Simple as that.

I think everyone knows mental health is important, but whenever it comes to making a deadline or catching up to peers, it falls to the wayside as our last priority. I personally schedule time for myself rather than using the free time leftover for myself.

Here is how I prioritize my mental health:
-Weekend nights are my me times, non-negotiable! If I run late with editing or filming or anything else, I stop and save it for the next day.
-Friday nights are date nights! No work, no side hustle, nothing. Just time with Addison Chen and the cats!
-I batch and cluster a lot of the work that uses the same energy or similar tasks together and do it all at once for one weekend and the rest of the weekends are free! Work smart, not just work hard.
-Learn to SAY NO. I found this one to be the hardest for me because I used to say yes to everything because I didn’t want to disappoint, but if I don’t enjoy it or find value in it, I say no.

You’ll thank yourself later. How do you value your mental health, and what self care do you do?

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Hustle Culture is Toxic | CHATTING WITH CHRISTINE

Both my boyfriend, Addison and I were in hustle culture until we found a work life balance to come to terms with our mental health as young working professionals. Two different mindsets, two different paths. At the end, mental health is very important, and what’s the point of working if you are just working to work? You should be working to live. Here are our thoughts and perspectives.

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How I Manage My Time

So many people wonder how I manage my time with a full time job in technology consulting, being serious about my YouTube channel, podcast, and the Technology Consulting Community while staying sane and prioritizing my mental and emotional health.

What were some of your tips on how you manage your time?

Compare yourself to yourself, not to anyone else!

From career success to job offers to grades and GPA to relationships and social standings, there is always something people envy from others.

It’s important to your mental and emotional health not to compare yourself other people often. To benchmark and set goals against other people is healthy, but to constantly beat yourself because you’re not progressing as fast is not healthy.

Value yourself more, acknowledge your situation, and set PERSONAL goals on your own pace. It’s more fun and you’ll be happier!

2021 is coming. Are you ready?

2020 definitely sucked. No doubt about it. SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED that brought in a lot of negativity. But let’s also look at all the positivity. A fight for change, resilience and triumph, perseverance and ambition. I’ve seen many amazing fruits born from this year despite the dirt being soiled.

It’s important to recognize that this year definitely was not an easy year. But it’s also important not to undermine all the efforts you and those around you have done to overcome these struggles.

If there is something holding you back or something you’ve been wanting to do, why not do it now?

Growth Mindset

I think everyone has heard of growth mindset thrown around, but why should you care? Now HOW can you start implementing what I deem as my ingredients of success? What we deem as success and happiness is all subjective, but you also don’t want to lose yourself in results, metrics, and goals. It’s good to have goals to know if you are on track, but you should also trust the process and learn what you can while achieving it. You’ll be surprised of what you will learn about yourself!

My Ingredients to Success

I think everyone needs all of this to be successful.

Introspection. Learn about yourself to figure out what you like to do, what you don’t like to do, what you value, and what your tendencies and habits are. It’s okay to not know any of this, but it’s important that you make an effort towards this.

Growth Mindset. Embrace the process! Adapt and mobilize. As someone who is usually one track minded, I sometimes fall behind on this. Results are still important, but it also depends on what you define as success. Goal set in a way of what you want to learn rather than what you want to achieve.

Understanding. Don’t just focus on yourself. Try to understand those around you and you’ll learn a lot you didn’t realize! I actually surround myself with many non-business and non-tech friends. They opened my eyes to a whole different world out there that complements what I lack.

Humility. Even when you are successful, you need to remember your roots and where you come from. Honestly this is probably the most important because you want to always remember to give back as much as you take. Spread the love and the knowledge, and help out your community! Try to understand them and realize you were once there. Privileged or not, everyone wasn’t born with certainty and confidence. You need to work towards it.

What are your ingredients to success? Do you disagree with any of it?