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There’s a lot of changes your life and yourself goes through when you go through the phases of adulthood whether that be friendships, professional, and life events. It’s tough on growing and changing and constantly reinventing yourself, but it’s possible! Let’s talk about all of the growing pains that I’ve gone through and let me know if you can relate! I’m only 25, but I feel like I’ve been through a lot already, HAHAHA.


WHY I STARTED DATING AT 21 | Love Yourself First, Avoiding Societal Pressures, & Being Career Driven

It’s a bit weird to be PROUD of not dating until later in life, but I am proud of it. As a career driven young woman, I made sure to love myself first and really know what I want and need. I wanted to make this video so others don’t have to feel pressured to be in a relationship and it’s okay to value yourself and career more now. While my peers have gone through flings, one night stands, and short term relationships, I’m still with my first and only boyfriend of 3+ years now. We even bought a condo in NYC and have three cats together!

EDIT: many people are saying 21 is not late and I 100% agree. It’s actually why I made the video in the first place! Some context is in college I knew wayyyyyyyy too many people who were constantly hooking up, swiping on tinder, dating around ALL for the sake of just having someone, not feeling left out or not feeling unwanted. Completely your choice if you decide to date around anyways, but this video is for those who are looking for a relationship for the wrong reasons like validation and peer pressure. I even knew someone who faked having a boyfriend because she didn’t want to seem left out. I was also speaking of my experience of everyone around me telling me I SHOULD be dating around even if it’s not serious and to “play around.” I didn’t like how they imposed their own ideals on me. This is what the video was for and I just wanted to reassure those who felt this way that it’s okay!

Growth Mindset

I think everyone has heard of growth mindset thrown around, but why should you care? Now HOW can you start implementing what I deem as my ingredients of success? What we deem as success and happiness is all subjective, but you also don’t want to lose yourself in results, metrics, and goals. It’s good to have goals to know if you are on track, but you should also trust the process and learn what you can while achieving it. You’ll be surprised of what you will learn about yourself!

My Ingredients to Success

I think everyone needs all of this to be successful.

Introspection. Learn about yourself to figure out what you like to do, what you don’t like to do, what you value, and what your tendencies and habits are. It’s okay to not know any of this, but it’s important that you make an effort towards this.

Growth Mindset. Embrace the process! Adapt and mobilize. As someone who is usually one track minded, I sometimes fall behind on this. Results are still important, but it also depends on what you define as success. Goal set in a way of what you want to learn rather than what you want to achieve.

Understanding. Don’t just focus on yourself. Try to understand those around you and you’ll learn a lot you didn’t realize! I actually surround myself with many non-business and non-tech friends. They opened my eyes to a whole different world out there that complements what I lack.

Humility. Even when you are successful, you need to remember your roots and where you come from. Honestly this is probably the most important because you want to always remember to give back as much as you take. Spread the love and the knowledge, and help out your community! Try to understand them and realize you were once there. Privileged or not, everyone wasn’t born with certainty and confidence. You need to work towards it.

What are your ingredients to success? Do you disagree with any of it?

“I can, because I do.”

I was raised in a very sexist and masculine-focused environment, but that didn’t stop me.

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