Remember to value your mental health

Hustle culture is toxic. Simple as that.

I think everyone knows mental health is important, but whenever it comes to making a deadline or catching up to peers, it falls to the wayside as our last priority. I personally schedule time for myself rather than using the free time leftover for myself.

Here is how I prioritize my mental health:
-Weekend nights are my me times, non-negotiable! If I run late with editing or filming or anything else, I stop and save it for the next day.
-Friday nights are date nights! No work, no side hustle, nothing. Just time with Addison Chen and the cats!
-I batch and cluster a lot of the work that uses the same energy or similar tasks together and do it all at once for one weekend and the rest of the weekends are free! Work smart, not just work hard.
-Learn to SAY NO. I found this one to be the hardest for me because I used to say yes to everything because I didn’t want to disappoint, but if I don’t enjoy it or find value in it, I say no.

You’ll thank yourself later. How do you value your mental health, and what self care do you do?

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