Top Tech Trends 2021

I think the top tech trends of 2021 are really interesting to look at because a lot is actually driven by the pandemic. One thing to note is most people think of high tech but don’t actually see things like advanced covid development as “tech.” Many companies develop technology behind the scenes to operate more efficiently and effectively. Even animation studios develop in-house technology to animate better hair on characters!

Which tech trend do you think will take off the most and is there anything on this list you think should be here?

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2021 is coming. Are you ready?

2020 definitely sucked. No doubt about it. SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED that brought in a lot of negativity. But let’s also look at all the positivity. A fight for change, resilience and triumph, perseverance and ambition. I’ve seen many amazing fruits born from this year despite the dirt being soiled.

It’s important to recognize that this year definitely was not an easy year. But it’s also important not to undermine all the efforts you and those around you have done to overcome these struggles.

If there is something holding you back or something you’ve been wanting to do, why not do it now?