My 6 Month Journey to YouTube Monetization!

I’m finally monetized on YouTube, and I wanted to let everyone know about my journey in hopes this would help you!

My Background:
• I’m a full time technology consultant at Accenture for two years at this point. My intention was to never be a full time YouTuber/podcaster and it will stay that way.
• I started YouTube seriously in May 2020.
• I started monetizing on YouTube on December 7th.
• I did one video a week up until July when I started doing two videos a week.
• I started a Facebook group in June called the Technology Consulting Community. There are currently 1000+ members. I post only my tech consulting related videos, but I also started exclusive programs like case interview programs, pro bono consulting programs, virtual networking events.
• My niche has evolved over time. It first started with just technology consulting and professional development. It has now evolved more towards “content for the young working professional” with a focus on technology consulting, career skills, personal development, and money.
• I also started a podcast starting in October. Video interviews are on YouTube, audio interviews hosted on Anchor. There are also podcast exclusives that can’t be found on YouTube.

These are not all of my tips, but comment down below on yours!


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