My 6 Month Journey to YouTube Monetization in 2020 with a Full Time Job

Hello everyone! I got monetized on YouTube back in December of 2020, and a lot have been very interested in learning more and providing more of the analytical insights behind it. I finally put it all in a Medium article and hopefully this helps! Whether or not you have your own YouTube channel or you’re trying to create your own digital footprint, I think this is going to be an interesting read! Check it out!


I’m finally monetized!

New podcast episode! So excited to announce that I am finally monetized on YouTube, so I wanted to talk about my journey this year on my podcast!

This is a casual and fun mukbang with Addison Chen to talk about my journey on YouTube in 2020. I started back in May, and so much has happened, I even hit 1000+ subscribers! From why I did YouTube, what were my favorite and least favorite videos to make, and some tips and behind the scenes of everything.


Happy Thanksgiving! A casual and fun mukbang eating our lunch as my boyfriend, Addison Chen, and I discuss about my YouTube journey up until this point! Thank you everyone for your support, and I couldn’t do this without you all. This video is a dedication for you all in honor of Thanksgiving.

To those who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, thank you all so much anyways for following me on this YouTube journey! It was a long and hard road, but you made it worth it all. I love you all!