A special quote from Michelle Lam

My good friend Michelle N. Lam, otherwise known as @mewtripled, once told me this. As random as it sounds, it’s actually very relevant in almost everything in life.

You need to take the first move yourself and take what YOU want. Don’t wait for others to take it before you and then regret you didn’t do so earlier. You want to take that leap of faith even if you don’t know you’ll make it, but at least you’ll know you tried.

That actually was kind of how my YouTube channel started where I was wondering why there was no content on tech consulting available to so many people who actually want to pursue this career. It’s discouraging one informational interview after another that you get a “it depends” but no one giving a true answer (albeit many answers but at least AN answer), so I was like why not? I took the leap of faith and I have no regrets! I managed to build an online community on Facebook called the Technology Consulting Community with over 1,500 members across the works in 70+ countries!

I have no regrets and while this particular quote wasn’t the one that actually got me to press record, @mewtripled came swooping in saying ya just gotta do it and I did. I’ve been loving it ever since!

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