Do you need to code?

I did an Instagram reel before on 8 tech jobs without coding, and unfortunately the caption (that had a lot of tons of caveats and notes) dropped due to a glitch on Instagram, but many thought the roles I mentioned did require coding so I made this instead.

I still think coding is a very important skill to have regardless if it requires coding or not because it can help you with understanding the role and work or to actually do the work itself.

As someone who didn’t study computer science, there are many ways you can use your resources in school, out of school, on the job or internship, or around you. Free or not! This is how I got my experience and how you can as well! Even if my current job does not require coding, the logical thinking of understanding how code performs helps a lot in structuring your thinking interacting with a system.

Did I miss out on anything? Comment down below!

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