Back to the Office! A new one!

This is my first day in the office, and boy was I impressed! We drag our feet to the office after a comfy work from home experience, but Accenture’s new New York office just opened up at 1 Manhattan West, so I was actually really excited to see the views! We’re on the 66th floor here!

We had to jump through a lot of loops to come in. Filling out a Return to Office request which is to choose days you want to come in and get approved, a negative COVID test result every 7 calendar days within the time you come in (onsite rapid testing, at home covid kit, or rapid testing elsewhere), and then you have to reserve a space.

You can work without a mask in an enclosed office, collaborate in reserved closed collab spaces or in reserved open workspaces with a mask on, and then check in! It was all worth it in the end!

Are you heading back to the office? I did a poll on my Instagram story before and looks like majority would want to come in only a few times a week or month, so if you’re in the Accenture NY Metro office, definitely check it out!

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