Aparna Srinivasan: SpotOn.Pet Founder, Tech Entrepreneur, Dog and Pig Owner | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

As a cat owner, cat sitter, woman in tech, and entrepreneur, I have a deep appreciation for Aparna and SpotOn for the value and solution it provides for me as someone who always has a need to transport cats! I sit down with Aparna (and her pet pig!) for this episode. SpotOn.Pet is a ride-hailing transportation app for pets and pet-parents. The app connects you with trusted drivers that will take your pet anywhere, with or without you being present. From airports, to parks, & even vet visits, you can only phone a friend so many times or pay hundreds for a car service, to carry your pet safely to where they need to go. I go through Aparna’s experience as CEO and founder of SpotOn.Pet as well as the future of SpotOn.Pet!

SPECIAL PROMO CODE for 15% off your first 3 rides!


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