Thais Pulliam: How it’s Like to be a Solutions Architect and UX Consultant | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Thais Pulliam is based in Miami as a solutions architect, product designer, and technology consultant at Glidefast Consulting! She was a fashion model before she went through General Assembly’s coding bootcamp and now pivoted to her career today! What exactly does a solutions architect do? Let’s dive in!

WEEKEND IN MY LIFE in NEW YORK CITY: What I Eat, Swimming, $1 Oysters, Birthday | #myPublicGoods

I take you into a weekend in my life in New York City! This summer, we have a lot of fun plans, and I show you all of the delicious food I had this weekend, swimming, $1 oysters happy hour, errands, and grooming cats! We also celebrated Addison’s mom’s birthday and had fun with friends on helping them buy a bike at Target and playing cards (more like wrekt).

If you want to try Public Goods yourself, you can shop through my personalized discount code and link for 15% off your first Public Goods order + free membership trial:

What Should You Do With Your First Paycheck as a Consultant: Advice for NEW Consultants

A subscriber asked me what they should spend on with their first paycheck as a consultant, and I’ve never been asked this question before! I thought it would be pretty interesting to answer, so I broke it down in a video!

Please keep in mind that I ALWAYS recommend analyzing your current financial situation FIRST whether it be dependents, loans, savings, and financial goals, then budgeting how much of your paycheck goes to them, and maximizing your tax deductibles. This video is for after all of that, what should you spend money on that would make your consulting life easier!

Pivoting into Technology Consulting as an Experienced Hire | HOW TO BECOME A TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT

I get asked this question a lot and while a lot are from students, I do get asked this question a lot by people already out in the industry on how they can get started. This is the video for you!

For those who don’t know, experienced hire is mostly used for anyone who has had work experience outside of undergraduate or graduate studies. Someone who has one year of experience after college and someone who has 30 years of experience are both considered experienced hires. Both have their own advantages and challenges! If you are still stuck, comment down below on your situation and I can help you out or join me on my free coaching program here on the YouTube channel or DM me for 1-on-1 private coaching!

How to get that RETURN OFFER from your Internship | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Deniz reached out to me as a sophomore in college doing a consulting internship. This is also her first internship as well, so she didn’t know what she needed to do to navigate the waters! She hopes to get that return offer for her junior year summer, so we sat down to talk about all the tips and answer her questions!

Why Should You Join a Business Fraternity? – Phi Chi Theta

If you asked for advice on what to do in college, I would say join a business fraternity because of its endless opportunities. The one I ultimately joined was Phi Chi Theta! We founded a chapter at the Boston University Campus where I was secretary, Executive Vice President, and pledge master, and now on the national level I was the Eastern Regional Director and now VP of Alumni Affairs!

What’s In My Wallet: Credit Cards Strategy for Consultants | CHASE & AMEX CREDIT CARDS

If you are interested in consulting, chances are, the travel that comes with the job appeals to you! How can you best utilize your credit cards to get the benefits, points, and earn it all for your own personal gain? While consulting firms pay for your travels, you may or may not be able to use your own credit cards (and later get reimbursed) so you could get your personal points and use the perks!

I’ve been a huge fan of the Chase Ultimate Rewards credit card ecosystem, so check it out!

Mock Technology Consulting Case Interview: Tech Transformation | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Follow Along! Did you know case interviews are usually different for technology consulting case interviews? In today’s video, we go through a real mock interview with Diego so you can join along and learn as well!

Providence & Newport Trip: Seafood, Newport Mansions, Working in Boston | Summer Travel Vlog

I met up with some alumni friends of mine from the Phi Chi Theta Zeta chapter and we went to Providence and Newport! After apart for more than a year, it was great to see familiar faces!

Since airbnbs and hotels were expensive in Newport, we stayed in Providence instead and did a day trip to Newport. We checked out Providence, biked in Providence, went to Newport, explored the Newport mansions, had brunch, and went shopping! Seafood is a must-eat in New England area like lobster rolls and clam chowder!

Day in the Life of a Technology Consultant: Finally Back in The Office | NYC VLOG

Finally back in the office! After a pandemic that has made us permanently work from home, we returned back to the office. I do want to note that even back before the pandemic, my life actually didn’t change that much since we were already working from home and only going into the office when needed. Since I’m the office champion, I made it so I went in twice a week for morale, but otherwise not much has changed other than not going to the client site as frequent.

In addition, the COVID restrictions have also changed since the time of this recording (back in June), but the procedure was reflective of how it was like then and not now.