Amy Edelstein: Non-Profit Leader, Educator, and Author | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Amy Edelstein is a nonprofit leader, author, and educator. Her mission is to hare powerful ideas that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. The focus of my work illustrates the insight that comes from viewing all our experience in a vast context, as we learn to weave together the evolutionary history of the cosmos, the developmental shifts in global culture, and the subtleties of contemplative insight. Her programs support individuals and groups to discover deeper fulfillment, joy, and purposefulness in life. She comes to us after writing six books including the IPPY award-winning, educational bestseller The Conscious Classroom and Ben Franklin Award winner, bestselling memoir Adventure in Zanskar, and we discuss about her journey within and writing Adventure in Zanskar in this podcast episode!


How to Prepare for Consulting Recruitment Season | CAREER COACHING WITH CHRISTINE

Consulting recruitment season for college starts around September, so this is the best time to start preparing and getting a game plan ready! I walk through with Jessica how she and others can prepare for the upcoming recruitment season and how to stand out and network!

SEATTLE VLOG (pt.4): Bainbridge Island, Bruciato, Space Needle, Sushi Kashiba, Airbnb and Cat Drama

This is my second time in Seattle, but Addison’s first, so we went to the highlights of where I went last time and all of the places on my bucketlist! This was right after our Vancouver trip, so definitely check those vlogs out! We checked out Starbucks Reserve, Bainbridge Island, Bruciato, Space Needle, Waterfront Trail, Wasabi Sushi and Izakaya, Dough Zone, shopping, Sushi Kashiba, Top Pot Doughnuts, Din Tai Fung and Centurion Lounge in this vlog! We also had a little scare with our cats back at home that were so smart and jumped up to open the office door that they weren’t supposed to be into…

Aparna Srinivasan: SpotOn.Pet Founder, Tech Entrepreneur, Dog and Pig Owner | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

As a cat owner, cat sitter, woman in tech, and entrepreneur, I have a deep appreciation for Aparna and SpotOn for the value and solution it provides for me as someone who always has a need to transport cats! I sit down with Aparna (and her pet pig!) for this episode. SpotOn.Pet is a ride-hailing transportation app for pets and pet-parents. The app connects you with trusted drivers that will take your pet anywhere, with or without you being present. From airports, to parks, & even vet visits, you can only phone a friend so many times or pay hundreds for a car service, to carry your pet safely to where they need to go. I go through Aparna’s experience as CEO and founder of SpotOn.Pet as well as the future of SpotOn.Pet!

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Work Day In My Life as a Google Solutions Architect in NYC | Working From Home, Cats, Broadway Show

I finally have ramped up to client work after 3-4 months of being a Noogler (but we’re all technically still Nooglers!) as a Google Advertising Solutions Architect in Google Shopping, and this is an accurate depiction of my work day in my life at home at work, being a cat sitter and a cat parent, and going out for the Broadway Show, POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive at night! Thank you, Hydragun, for sponsoring this video!

Hydragun was perfect for me as someone who is always on the go in the office, around the city as a big walker, and also as someone who works from home at a desk. It’s surprisingly quiet that no one heard me through my work calls, and there are so many applicators depending on where you would want to use your Hydragun and also if you wanted to apply lotions and oils as well!

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VANCOUVER VLOG (pt.2): Sea to Sky Gondola, Whistler, Lost Lake, Whistler Village, Granville Island

Our first international trip since the pandemic, we went to Vancouver and Seattle for 10 days! This is our first time in Vancouver, and we were so excited to see all of the nature, food, and culture Vancouver had to offer. We went to Whistler Mountain, Sea to Sky Gondola, Whistler Village, Araxi, Granville Island, Yaletown, and Robson Street!

Subscribe to see part 3 of this trip going to Seattle for the Gum Wall, Great Wheel, Pike Place Market, Pike Place Chowder, Beecher’s Cheese, Chihuly Garden and Glass, Doctor Strange Movie, Momiji’s Happy Hour, Biang Biang Noodles, Amazon Fresh, Molly Moon’s, and Drip Tea in the next vlog!


I’m doing a huge push in career coaching content on my channel to help you all prepare for the college recruitment season for internships and full time jobs! Make sure to apply:

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I Tried SMART GLASSES at Work | Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Review: Is It Worth It? (Google Work Vlog)

Smart Glasses have always been something people are interested in but not sure if it’s really necessary, but I was also curious and tried out the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses for a whole work day at the Google office! I wasn’t sure how it would fare with blue light and polarized replaceable lenses, earphones, and mic, but watch the video to see how it went!

If you’re interested in purchasing this, you can buy it on Amazon for 59.99 USD on sale when it is typically 199.99 USD!

My Seven Streams of Income in 2022: Side Hustle Ideas & How To Make Money Online

I made an Instagram reel that I have more than 5 streams of income, and I also posted a poll on my Instagram story and majority have only 1 stream of income. I decided to make a YouTube video breaking out my 7 streams of income to hopefully inspire you all to increase your streams of income because it can really help you diversify your income streams for more financial stability but also to get you even closer to your financial goals! Also, apologies for the camera falling while filming, but hopefully you enjoy the video!

Kimberly Spencer: “Crown Yourself” by Zone of Genius! | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

Kimberly Spencer is an award-winning high-performance, trauma-informed coach and trainer, Amazon best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and the founder of, helping visionary leaders transform their self-limiting stories, build their empire, stand out fearlessly, and make the income and the impact they deserve. Let’s dive deeper on how you can find your zone of genius!