Michelle Lam (@mewtripled): Storyteller, YouTuber, Entrepreneur | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

I’m so happy to finally interview Michelle Lam, a close friend of mine, so people can learn about her story! I’m still amazed that I am friends with this amazing woman, but hopefully you can learn something! With this video, I’m kicking off my Women of Inspiration series!

Michelle Lam, better known as mewtripled on YouTube and Instagram, is a storyteller, a YouTuber, and an entrepreneur. What can’t she do? This is a deep dive interview on Michelle’s story and how she hustles to achieve her life aspirations and goals.

Michelle has been in the animation industry with entertainment giants such as Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, Disney, and Netflix. As a storyboard artist, writer, and creator based in Los Angeles, she enjoys telling stories and bringing them to life on the small and big screen. She also has a YouTube channel of 180K+ subscribers focusing on her journey in the animation industry and her life as a woman in LA, as well as an Instagram of her web comics of 430K+ followers. She is also currently working on her first graphic novel, Meesh the Bad Demon! On TOP of that, she also has an Etsy store, Gumroad, and Patreon!

Watch along as we go through how she did it and the why factor behind everything she does!

I’m also starting a podcast called “Chatting with Christine: Tech Careers & Badass Women!” They will be audio episodes of these videos released the following Tuesdays. It will also include my Technology Professionals series!


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