Caitlin Jones: Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

New podcast episode up!

I met Caitlin Jones (@caitlinjones) a year ago when I was apprehensive towards group fitness classes. Especially when I never did spin classes before! Caitlin was my very first spin instructor at Flywheel, and I was HOOKED! I loved her energy and has been following her ever since! Due to the pandemic, the fitness industry changed a lot, and I caught up with her on what she’s been up to. I didn’t even know about half of what she’s done until I sat down with her for this episode!There is also a huge focus on mental & emotional health and happiness on this episode, so you don’t want to miss this!

Caitlin graduated with a degree in business from Carnegie Mellon University, became a dancer for the Brooklyn Nets in the NBA to pursue her passion in dance, and while doing so also worked at Flywheel and WillyB Crossfit! She also invests in real estate as well which I found was incredibly interesting! During the pandemic, she became her own boss with her own online fitness program and personal training!


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