Celebrate the little wins!

Celebrate the little wins! Whether it be a job offer, a sale, an interview, a coffee chat, or even a personal goal, you need to celebrate all of the little wins.

When I started my YouTube channel, it was very discouraging. 100 subscribers, 200 subscribers, and so forth. Same could apply when I scored a coffee chat with company execs, even at my own internship! When I scored an informational interview with my firm’s CEO, I was so excited! If we don’t celebrate the little wins, we don’t muster up the courage to make the big wins.

If you ever feel like you aren’t getting anywhere, don’t look at the end goal, look at your journey and how far you’ve gone. Sometimes it’s a perspective change. 100 views on a video seems small, right? But imagine 100 people in the room listening to you! What are some recent little wins of yours?

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