Put yourself out there

I had a little “quiz” in my stories and I find it funny when people think I’m an extrovert HAHAHHA. I’m far from it: I’m actually an introvert! Despite being a consultant, a career where extroverts thrive in, I connect better in small groups or one on ones.

Sometimes you just need to put yourself out there, and over time, it’ll actually get much easier for you. Fake it till you make it! It started for me with Phi Chi Theta, the business fraternity I was involved in back in college. I would have NEVER guessed I would join Greek life, but I did because I wanted to meet different people, make new friends, and ultimately, really get myself out of the shell. I always thought I was very awkward and just didn’t know what to talk about. I actually stuttered, misspoke a lot of words (due to being surrounded by broken English and Chinese at home), and had absolutely no confidence in myself. Now as you can tell in my YouTube video I have more confidence in speaking and it’s a lot more coherent. Even during presentations back in high school, I literally read off of a piece of paper without once giving eye contact to my audience.

I even had a high school internship where I had to answer calls as a receptionist. Only 4 months later did I FINALLY pick up the phone. Imagine hiding away for 4 months of my internship NOT answering the phones which was literally a big part of my internship and making my manager pick it up instead. I was so ashamed. Everyone has their learning curve and their own demons. But I did it and that’s what matters. Just take that leap of faith and try it out! Once you do it more often, you’ll grow numb to it and you WILL be confident. You CAN do this. Comment down below on times you put yourself out there and how it went!


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