Happy One Year Adoptiversary/Gotcha Day, Charlotte

Omg it’s been a year since we adopted Charlotte, and we absolutely love her! 😻 Swipe right for the three cutest (and funniest) photos of her from exactly one year ago!

When I started fostering cats, I planted the seed in Addison Chen that if I find a playful and cute cat that gets along with both my cats and loves both of us that I will want to adopt her. I try not to get too attached because the point is for her to be adopted by others through Best Friends New York. When they called saying someone would like to do a virtual meet and greet, I said sure but when I was waiting for the call, a feeling of dread and the thought of losing my girl dawned on me. The person who almost adopted Charlotte never showed up to the call, and I thought that was fate because it was calling to me that I should be the one to adopt Charlotte instead! I convinced Add, and I don’t regret it a single bit! When adopting, it’s easy to say the cat is lucky to have me, but really, we are lucky to have Charlotte! ❤️

We love you so much, Charlotte, CharChar, Charlavere, Charlabear!