Joshua Tree Day 5 & 6: Salvation Mountain, Bombay Beach, Saltan Sea, Palm Springs, Going Home!

Last Vlog of the trip! I miss us already!

My friends and I went to Joshua Tree in August, and it was an experience I never would have imagined. Hiking, bonfires, the struggles, the highs, the stories, and the inside jokes, this trip brought us together like family. Even looking back, it seems surreal, and even looking at these photos, it looks like I’m looking at someone else.

3-4 groups that have never met together as a whole came together and we built bonds we never expected. Here’s to Winter 2022!

In this particular vlog, we branched off and checked out Salvation Mountain, Bombay Beach, Saltan Sea, and Palm Springs! Since we’re a few groups that came together and bonded as BLOOD, we even bought matching outfits and surprised the other group that stayed back at the Joshua Tree airbnb and their reaction was priceless!