I have been working on this exciting project for about a month now, and it is LIVE TODAY! I definitely want to share you all this achievement would love to see if any of you are interested!

If you are interested in technology consulting, you’ll soon realize is that there are no resources at all on how to conduct a technology consulting case interview which is CRUCIAL in the interview process. In my video, I go over exactly what is it, what makes it different from a normal case interview, and how to prepare for it!

I started this FREE program where I provide practice technology consulting cases, a rubric, some frameworks, tips, and even a practice buddy program. To have access to the resources I have a Facebook group specifically for this! If you would like a practice buddy, please fill out the survey, and I will pair you up with someone I think would be a good fit for you either in interest or background!

Facebook Group:

Technology Consulting Case Interview Program Sign Up Form:


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