Erika LaCasse: Inventor, Entrepreneur, Consultant | WOMEN OF INSPIRATION

New video interviewing Erika LaCasse! As part of my Women of Inspiration segment, I’m very excited to share this because she cofounded a business and invented a product with her father!

Erika graduated from Cornell at the start of the COVID19 pandemic and returned home to live with family in hopes to start a new entrepreneurial venture! While working alongside with her father, CassCaps was born! The best inventions are the ones that solve problems you didn’t know you had, and CassCaps was definitely one of them. They raised around $90,000 on Kickstarter and Backerkit with 650% of their goal during the COVID19 pandemic! In October of 2020, she will also start her job as a consultant at McKinsey in New York City. McKinsey is lucky to have her!

Check it out and make sure to also pre-order some CassCaps while you’re at it!


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