LESSONS LEARNED On BUYING OUR FIRST HOME at 24 | Search, Process, Money, Couple, Our Thoughts

After two months of living in our new New York City condo, we finally recount our lessons learned from buying a condo in New York City as first home buyers. We bought our first home at the age of 24 (25 for him), and we learned a lot together. What to look for and search in a condo or our first home, the actual process from searching to moving in, the money aspect of down payments, closing fees, taxes, and assets, and even as a couple with things we learned about each other! If we had to turn back time, this is the advice we would give us as first home buyers – especially in a crazy market like New York City real estate!

Hopefully you can learn from all of our lessons so your own journey will be smoother! We had a pretty smooth journey, but lessons are always learnt.


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