Rewrite the Rules

You guys know I love Suits! One of the main reasons I love it (past the corruption 😂) is because it truly shows how people who believe in themselves and keep working on it despite the “rules and limitations” persevere and prevail. I actually had a glass ceiling implemented by my own family. They said I shouldn’t go into tech. They even said I shouldn’t go to college, just get married and have kids. Luckily I have some in my family who believed in me but if you heard this at a very young age, anyone would get discouraged and I was.

Luckily I surrounded myself around motivated strong women who were so determined to break the mold and break free. It definitely helped me take steps I normally would have shied away such as meeting new people, being in tech, being in male dominant industries, starting a YouTube channel, talking about “taboo topics” on my podcast, and just openly discussing many topics that need to be said to help other women who were in my shoes to win a no win situation by rewriting the rules.

You have to just do it. Do it for yourself.

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