I wanted to share another successful story! My YouTube channel has content for four pillars of content in technology consulting: what is tech consulting, how to get a job in tech consulting, how I got into Accenture, and how to do well on the job in tech consulting. The video content itself is left pretty vague but they are nuggets of advice I have done myself or know others have done and I think it is transferable to other firms and even areas of consulting! If you’re interested in learning about tech consulting, this IS the way for you! https://youtube.com/c/ChristineWong

If you are interested in a career in technology consulting, make sure to join Tech Consulting Community’s Facebook group, Clubhouse, and Discord server to join the discussions on how to launch and grow your career in technology consulting! We also have free events, programs, activities, and workshops.

Check out my YouTube channel for video content focusing on technology consulting, consulting, careers, professional & personal development, and money for the young working professional!

I also do a free career coaching program on my YouTube channel and paid 1-on-1 private coaching sessions. Just DM me!


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