What You Need to Know About Consulting | Reasons WHY Consulting Isn’t For You

Consulting is among one of the best careers you can get into because of what you can learn, the diversity of experiences, and how there are many exit opportunities who want the highly coveted skills and experiences you get, but this video will go into what you need to know about consulting and specifically the reasons WHY consulting isn’t for you. Also this video kind of seems a little ranty, but even if you love your job, you’ll still have gripes with it!

Consulting is not for everyone. I get a lot of questions from people who are worried about the stress, travel, work life balance, and so forth, and I’ll go into a little more in depth on what it’s truly like and go into the horrors of the career. These are not reflecting of all consultants’ experiences because some may not travel or some have great work life balance! But these are considerations. If these do matter to you, vet out for a consulting firm for you and don’t just go straight for MBB, Big 4 or big firms out there without doing your research. A lot of boutique firms actually address a lot of these!


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