Joshua Tree Day 1 & 2: Farmer’s Market, Skull Rock Nature Trail, Hidden Valley Nature Trail

My friends and I went to Joshua Tree in August, and it was an experience I never would have imagined. Hiking, bonfires, the struggles, the highs, the stories, and the inside jokes, this trip brought us together like family. Even looking back, it seems surreal, and even looking at these photos, it looks like I’m looking at someone else.

3-4 groups that have never met together as a whole came together and we built bonds we never expected. Here’s to Winter 2022!

In this particular vlog, Addison, Sally, Tommy, Hanna and I fly out of Laguardia Airport in NYC to Palm Springs International Airport and then take a car rental to Joshua Tree. We joined up with Michelle N. Lam, Collin Miller, Olivia Lam, and Luc Wittenberg! We went to our amazing airbnb, and then we went to the Farmer’s Market where we cooked our own lunch and made our homemade mojitos! Then we went to Skull Rock nature trail where we ran into drama due to no service and then we did the Hidden Valley Nature Trail in darkness because we missed the sunset due to the drama. Check it out!


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