I’m training for a triathlon!

I like hiking, but to be honest, I’m a bit of a crybaby when it comes to potentially tripping, slipping, or to put it simply, DYING. 😹

Meanwhile things like cliff diving, skydiving, and jetskiing don’t phase me.

I had a car accident during my sophomore year spring break that permanently damaged my ankle. I fractured it, and it was so bad, they suggested surgery. I ended up opting out of it due to long term complications and healed it naturally through a cast and boot for 3-4 months. All while dealing with Boston’s long stretch of a campus let alone not being able to wash my foot so you can already imagine the smells! 🤢

I always have been a strong swimmer and biker/cyclist, but I always hated running or anything that puts in a lot of pressure and impact on my ankle and even my joints like my knees. Hiking is included!

But now I’m facing my fears and seeing a personal trainer so I can finally train for a triathlon! Even if I walk it, I’m completely fine with that, but this is the first step!

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