A PAID JOB YOU LOVE AND THRIVE IN | How IKIGAI Can Help You Find Your Calling!

Friends and family always wondered how I always seemed to know what I want and where I see myself in 5, 10, 20, or even 30+ years. The thing is, I DON’T. But what I do know is Ikigai. I’ve been using it to help guide me into a life of happiness and purpose, but no matter how much you think you know what your life is set for, it’s important to always be flexible and pivot. I show you how I apply it and things to look out for. And also, what the heck is Ikigai?

This could be used for careers and side hustles. I get the question a lot on how to find a good paid job that you love, and this is good for this and how I stay on the right direction!