SO YOU WANT A DATE WITH LITAO ZHAO? | Reinventing Online Dating 2020 (Christine Wong)

SO YOU WANT A DATE WITH LITAO ZHAO? It’s no surprise that dating is a struggle during the COVID19 pandemic, so I tried to make that easier for my friend and coworker, Litao Zhao. It all started out as a joke when he said it was hard to find a girl during the pandemic even on dating apps, so I said why don’t we make a video and see if girls apply for a date? WELL, IT HAPPENED.

Also note that Litao isn’t big on social media (he likes quality conversations and passion projects more 😉), so I’m posting on his behalf and hence the application form.

In this video, we go over everything you need to know about Litao to help decide if you want a date with him. No more swiping, no more superficial taps, just the good stuff. My boyfriend, Addison Chen (also a friend of Litao), and I ask all the questions. Of course, I asked all the compatibility questions that girls need to know, but Addison focused on the dirty deets – THE JUICE.

If you live in New York and you’re a woman ready to mingle, look no further! Make sure to watch the video until the end to see if Litao is the one for you.
Apply only if serious! Litao will reach out to you if he is interested for a first date!

Thank you everyone! Help me find this man a girlfriend!